CHUNk the dragon does it beeed is it worth getting so to breed ,what doors wil it open on this part?

Does chunk the dragon breed with who & what dragon do you get

He is a for fun one-off dragon.

Enjoy him being fun around your base

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You can’t get him anymore, if you haven’t… it’s gone

Well it did say he is breedable. Might have to wait to see what with.

He is breedable.

Elaborate. Without using the phrase “but it says breedable over his portrait in the dragons deen”

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Someday pg will have a special dragon and chunk will be the parent.

Might have to wait till next year’s April dragon. Thinking pink elephant or flying pig.
Flying pig would be my choice.

One of my team mates bred him a couple of days ago so mot sure if they have locked him down yet

Next year we get Trunk, the flying elephant, and he can breed with Chunk. You heard it first here.


I was hoping for for a flying pig called baconsaurus.:joy:

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Oh now I think of it that would be cool. Call ithe offspring Elepotimus.

Now I want a flying pig :pig_nose: with a summon son of flying pig

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chants Pig dragon! Pig dragon! Pig dragon!

Someone’s already in training to apply for next year


I wish Pg would make chunk breedable…but so far he’s not…

Chunk is enjoying the bacchelor life. Don’t hinder his responsiblity free life with the pressure of children.

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