Circle of despair 79%



Since update Atlas is very laggy and I have a very hard time opening up anything in Atlas… Everything starts loading and then gets stuck at 79% on loading screen…


You have to pay for the last 21% of Atlas in the store now.


Lol… I knew I was missing something!!


Do you have a lot of other apps running in the background?


Is that not normal? I get stuck in loading all the time…


Nothing else running in background…


Which Samsung device?


Galaxy S9+ is what I’m using…


Deleted game, cleared all data and ram, restarted phone, downloaded game… Re logged on… Still having issues…


When I get that typically is network related: slow internet, low wifi/4g signal. Samsung S8
Is that ok?
You can measure speed with (Netflix speed tester)


This is what everything looks like


Is your data on right now? Other than it trying to pull from that instead of wifi, have no idea what’s going on and support would just tell you to do the usual…


That looks good, I guess is a case for support?


Oh, is the app running on internal memory or the SD card?


Yes… I use WiFi at all times… I’m not sure either… I have not had this problem with the S9+ until the update hit yesterday…


Memory shown above is RAM, not storage; there’s nearly 40 GB of free storage.


Ah ok it seems I read it not correctly then… don’t use anything but Apple sorry :sweat:


I’m running off device storage… Do you think I should try running off memory card?


I mean device memory*


No, I’d have suggested to run it off internal/device storage, if it was on the card :stuck_out_tongue: does show your upload speed at 0, which is a bit odd. You can also try to forget the wifi network and then re-enter details.

At this point, you can try a ticket and either link this ticket or attach the images shared here… maybe after three replies in, they’ll understand that you know what’s going on and that things aren’t right but good luck :see_no_evil: