City is locked by enemy Primarch but there is no enemy Primarch there

Our city Shadland1 is currently locked done regarding bank transfers and troops etc. Getting the message there is an enemy Primarch that needs to be destroyed. But there is none there! This is now for nearly 10 hours. @PGDave Can you please check this out? Also as mentioned in the corresponding thread an outgoing bank transfer is hanging for 10 hours either.
It happened after we killed an enemy Primarch locking our base but obviously the game still thinks there is one but there is none…!?
This is completely blocking any further activities with the city and the money we have in the bank which we need for the current event…! This is pretty much annoying.

Maybe it’s the prims I lost 6 hours ago :joy::joy:

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This was mentioned in this thread. Please add on to this one thread so we can keep all the issues together and it will help make sure it gets read by the right person!

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We have the same problem. There is an enemy primarch but invisible. When you start atlas you can see it for 1 second and it will disappear after that and you don’t even see it in primarch list. And since you can’t see it, you can’t attack it.

Issue solved just 5 minutes ago at our end.

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