Civil War Event please and thanks!

Can’t we have a civil war event where we can war amongst ourselves (teammates) Bragging rights, tips, and just pure fun would be had. Get points according to how high or low you’re hitting, etc…

But, you can already war all the teams in your league? Unless, you’re talking about going across league lines, which would be a big fat no from me.

“Spoiler” the South loses.


I meant war against our own teammates/guild mates. We talk a lot of smack between us in fun. It could be a quick 2 day mini event between all the long boring ones they’ve been running forever now.


Too many abuse, rejected…


Orca has a point regarding how it sounds open to abuse.

Not to mention that on a significant number of teams, that sort of event would be a joke. The average team in my current league, for example, has one level 400, and everyone else in the 30s-200s range.

If a team thinks it’s abusive, then they’re taking this game too serious. In my opinion. Our team always jokes around no matter the level. I do get the disparity in levels. I’m second highest on our team at 299. We have a 500 as well. If I hit a lower say 100 level. I’d get a point for the win. If he hits me and say gets 15%, the could get 5 points? For the win 20? It’s just an outside the box idea. The events are repetitive and boring anymore…

  1. Set one base to Farm base
  2. Let the others use Ember to finish the base.

BOOM Max points for everyone… (the biggest can hit the 2nd highest)

p.s. If it’s for fun / base check, I don’t mind with hitting teammates.
The problem is getting points for it.

One team does the right thing means nothing if it can be abused easily…

Say that to Team Quest :unamused:




Yeah. It might be nice to have the ability to attack teammates as a way to test defenses or measure your “bragging rights” but it should be for no points, medals, egg tokens, or resources.

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So is repeating events over and over. This game has become a cash grab. The only reason a lot of players are still here are the friends they’ve made, including myself. If you have a better idea, feel free to discuss it. I’m assuming since you feel the need to attempt to troll you don’t have many original thoughts.

You seem very defensive, sorry that your bad idea is bad and easy to exploit. Coming up with exploitable events wont change it being a cash grab

You want some ideas?

  • Bring back the XP event
  • Bring back the assault event
  • turn feeding into a mini event that runs Tuesday - Wednesday with minimal rewards so that there is no need to continue feeding

49 chest bases to hit for the event, sweet deal!


IMO, even KW, which is known as our “favorite” (to bash) KW is better than this, as KW still lets teams to compete among themselves, with smaller chance to abuse.

Unless if you can alter it so that it will be a kind of team competition (resource contest, xp, or anything else involving competition between teams).

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OP quit your current team and attack the members as many times as you can to your heart’s content :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:




I’m not defensive. If it’s not a great idea so be it. Bringing back those boring events wouldn’t help much either. They need to think outside the box. Good ideas and Horrible bad ones such as this come from that, you get feed back and ultimately produce something we can all enjoy. How about being able to configure your island set up, changing flight paths around, scenery etc. at least it’d be new and not every attack would be the same. Perhaps the thread should have been new ideas for game so it isn’t so boring, good or bad!

So, do you accept the answer?


I accept that it’s not a good idea. Perhaps my team just likes to have fun and they all like it. It could be worked where high levels have to use their lower dragons on small bases but again it was just an idea to do SOMETHING different. PG needs to get some new ideas flowing rather than worrying about the look of opening chests. Since it seems to be such a bad idea perhaps I should apply at PG!

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