Claim last 2 prize on Astrid Branch on first page


please help, i already finish claim first page of Astrid Branch but yesterday show i disnt claim them so i claim them again yesterday, this morning it show i still need to claim them again. The the hell going on. i lost at least 1.6k sigil. my ticket number is 1547477.


There is no sync error since i make sure i have enough to claim the prize.


It may be that you collected prizes too fast and sometimes it doesn’t check in some prizes and glitches.

Did the game crash afterwords for resynchronization?

Edit: Scratch all that then :joy:


no crash or anything like that. They need to check the history log or something.


i know when sync error show i dont have claim that prize and my sigil return to normal amount but this last couple prize no sync error at all.


In that case I don’t know what can be. Unfortunately :pensive:


Submit a ticket, and post the number here?

@Arelyna @DragonPunch


ticket # 1547477. please help.


@Arelyna please help her :handshake:


Sorry for the delay here. I will look into this. @Jump2Abyss, can you please PM me?