Claiming atlas chests sync error

Ok so once you finish season and all you can do is claim the 1 chest for 2k sigils, like the improvements to pops are great, but can something be done about the sync error that happens if you claim them too fast, it is so frustrating and slow and has been a problem forever.

Possible solutions would have more options to claim, like 1 chest 2k, 5 chests 10k, 10 chest 20k, maybe 20 chests 40k.

The error is so annoying and would be nice to be able to claim the chests faster and open them with out having to reload game several times and/or clicking on each claim really really slow


Yeah it’s a pain, it toke me 45 min to collect 480 chests last time :man_facepalming:t2:


I just claim small amounts at a time that way it doesn’t lag like hell

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I always thought the sync error was a cheating check just because it seems to happen every time there’s a large change in resource counts. But I’d agree, it’s kind of annoying that it kicks you out of atlas so often.

Yeah, that would work, but i do like to collect 200-300 chests at One time, and that Can be very painfull, sync error, or been kicked out etc, and i Think pg should really do something about it

My game still crashes when I claim prizes from atlas event, and from the atlas seasonal lines.
When I come out to normal game after claiming atlas event prizes , normal event button looks like the atlas event icon, and game crashes jf I select atlas again and gets stuck at 99 percent loading screen.
I have to force close it and clear ram, start it again to make the app work again.
And it takes ages for me to load troops when I’m on mobile data, which is very good and fast connection.
My teammates have to wait ages for me to get ready.

When I’m on wifi,
"Failed to move " And "Failed to setup home " Is a very common issue.

After I get this message, I have to restart atlas or restart game after turning my internet on and off again. Takes me about 10 mins to complete a movement. It’s frustrating af.


Gotcha @Kademan can you redact this :point_down:

Into claim 2 chests for 2k badges

Seems like a QoL improvement

@PGGalileo @caelym :point_up_2::point_up_2:

They refer to the last node on the mythic branches in atlas season being too buggy and they are asking for it to contain more trade options like
10 chests for 10k badges or 50 for 50k to avoid the multi tap which is also very laggy( tested myself )


Fixed haha, well mainly asking for a quicker way to claim atlas chests when finished season, seems if you click the chest claim too fast it will kick you out and have an error, possibly like someone said because of the cheat check, if there was a way to make us able to claim more like I said as an example or some other way without the error always coming about would be greatly appreciated

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