Claiming atlas weekly prizes is very painful

On my Android I usually get stuck on one main game event prize. ( I click claim but the prizes are not claimed ) clicking on claim again forces the restarting of my game.

No big deal one prize causing a re sync isn’t a big deal.

In atlas ever since the new menu every second prize does this and honestly its a total pain in the ass.

Can PG kindly fix the menu or just revert back to the old one?

It’s already extremley boring and repetitive to do the work to earn the prizes in the first instance and then being gated behind the can’t claim bug on every second prize is super annoying.

Device = Samsung S20. I cleared cache last week and this install of the game is only 2 weeks old.

Oddly it only happens in the first half of the prizes until 420k and then it is fine from there. Also doesn’t happen as much on the glroy event. The troop training is the worst one of the three if this helps in isolating the cause. ;-(

Wifi or 4G doesn’t seem to make much difference


Android issues typically fall on deaf ears as PG’S focus is on the original software design for iOs. This is not to say that they are lacking in trying to fix Android. As to myself, I can only claim one prize at a time. I.e. claim prize, exit event menu, re-enter prize menu and claim next.

Pain in the ass when I have multiple prizes to claim.

It’s also the same way in going down any line in Atlas.

But might I digress as this has been a known issue even though Android has over 75% in the world in user connectivity.

Basically, this game is designed for iOS and not Android, any instabilities associated with Android, we have to suck up.

But don’t stop putting in issues as they will try and address them on their schedule.


This one please. I do not understand why they changed it over to using that prize layout when atlas events dont have the milestone prizes. It was just fine the way it was and now it is needlessly annoying


exactly my complain too hahahaha…

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[android] I dont wait i keep claiming even if game gives me sync error :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, some time exiting atlas prevents from sync error for me.
After claiming multiple prizes game doesn’t/cant load for a while if my game load (like profile in chat disappearing,no incoming chat) in couple sec it doesn’t give sync error.

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I understand this frustration.

I have iOS and occasionally this happens to me and I just claim in small
Blocks by logging in and out and it takes a few extra min but seems other devices are worse about it!


I claim my atlas prizes by 5 a piece, wait a few seconds, claim 5 more. Since I’m doing this I don’t have to reload, relog or anything. Annoying but.


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