Claiming Candy Canes after end of event

It is January 7th as I am typing this. I claimed a Noelle Candy Cane today and I can’t use it since the event bay is not available. I am only one prize left from the Noelle egg, and I have the Candy Cane. Is there any way that I can still claim it? Anything is appreciated


I think Noelle’s tree will still be available in the seasons page once Breed starts on Wednesday.

I’m not 100% sure I redeemed the last candy cane either but I know the gold chests were available until the 8th so they might be still available tomorrow… I’d be annoyed otherwise too…


I dont think so, it said the line ended on the 7th pdt. We’ve never had a temporary line show up again after the event menu went down once the deadline had passed

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Funny, I seem to distinctly remember it being 8th Jan previously.


It’s been the 7th the entire time for me. What time zone are you?

It’s always been the 7th for me as well.

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Odd. Southeast Asian vicinity.

I remember it being 8th as well I swear… is this some kind of a Mandela effect? :flushed:
But seriously I remember it as 8th

That would be why then, I think you’re about 15hrs ahead of San Francisco so their Jan 7th is your Jan 8th.

I just figured it would go away once events tab was gone at its usual date/time (Jan 7 where I am).

But that is cool to know that their in-game dates adjust for time zones, def didn’t think that’d be something they did

Might be because of the changing clock this time? Im from the US so my dates are the same as theirs. Not sure if other things like season end dates or exotic rune end dates are based off of your own time or PG’s time. I dont ever recall seeing a ss with a date from someone from a timezone that is significantly ahead of PG.

@Kate what date does your Atlas prizes say you have until? Does it say until March 18th or 19th?

My own screenshot, so there was my confusion…

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Said the 8th for me too but I assumed that’s because pvp ends on the 8th for me, albeit at 3am in the morning.

yeah, I figured once event tab is gone the candy cane thing is gone too.

Someone from pg support told me that they’re working on the issue so that anyone who claimed a candy cane will still be able to get their final prize.

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I also saw that the in-game mail mentioned the candy canes, so hopefully they’ll keep Noelle’s “card” as they call it in the season tab for a little while longer. That’s honestly the easiest and I guess least time-consuming option I can think of compared to handling support tickets…

They can make an automated response to say the same c&p sh1t though. :confused:

U sure it’s a good idea to make them extend it even after seeing wtf’s going on atm with the new update? :sweat_smile:

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