Clarification about beasts needed

First of all,thank you for all your effort!
We have been testing beasts and discussed it in a team chat so I wanted to summarize all questions which have been asked.
And ask you kindly,to help us with a few on them @pgEcho
Still not clear why :

  • different teammates having different max lvl of beasts in same region (after reset and in general) it doesn’t based on player lvl,since 2 ppl at 500 ish and 300 ish seeing higher lvls beats while others never saw any that hight

  • there is no XP bonus from beats(which we supposed to get)

  • Unclear mechanic of their appearance.
    I can hit beast lvl 33 and next will be 26,then 30 and 23(example)
    Other ppl having them increasing their lvl after few hits.
    I noticed that after first hit lvl 30ish lvl beast in X lvl 5 region , I can’t get 30 s lvl in same region.
    But can get 30ish beast in Y lvl 5 region
    So,basically,intension was to make ppl mine beats in different regions
    But what if I need only 1 or 2 types of shards
    In this case I’m missing every second potential higher Beast in region X,since I’m not in need of shards from region Y
    Or my second primarch isn’t hight enough to hit in that region (example).
    Can it work like a normal poachers? So you can control where you will start and get hoghesr shards payouts?

  • we are getting fee for shards,same as gold.
    I’m toatlky ok with not getting shown gold payouts,but I’m getting about 10% less shards from runs,then shown,which is not cool at all.

Any help much appreciated and thank you in advance.

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Hey Dari,

  1. RE: BUGS. There is a bug with the XP bonus for beasts, they are working on it as far as i know for a later update. I also believe that the coefficient bonus % for gold for hitting beasts is bugged as well, that is why there is a difference between shown and earned.
  2. Beasts are individual, everyone will see different levels. They are YOURS and yours alone, zero other people can see them or hit them. They show up 2 per castle owned to a max of 8 per territory. That is why everyone sees different levels. They appear to be completely random, no rhyme or reason behind levels besides maybe a slight bell curve in appearance % (those beasts in the middle of the range may appear more frequently than those at the extremes of the range)
  3. Here is a chart of levels available.

My question is, Why the HELL cant we get this info from PG?

Why are we CONSTANTLY forced to LEARN shit about THEIR game by PLAYERS figuring shit out and sharing it with the community? (And yes, we are extremely grateful that those that take the time to figure it out, do indeed share the info, thanks Mech)

Anyone else feel like we are nothing more than PAYING Beta Testers? Especially when it comes to Atlas?!


Not saying its right, but a lot of multiplayer games do this

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It’s part of the fun! :smiley: Knowledge is power

Besides being slightly better payout than poachers what’s the difference? I’m not complaining…I benefit from all the recent changes, I’m just curious what the difference is. Is there some other component to them that isn’t active yet?

As I see it, they can give other things than shards and gold.

I get it Gox, but when it’s:
X doesn’t work right
Y isn’t paying out properly
Z doesn’t work right

…it makes you wonder :man_shrugging:


Well…let’s see…they introduced it outside of primarches lvling up events and with bubbles on castles
Which forced ppl,who haven’t had strong enough primarches spend speedups without getting any prizes.And Hunt for GP at NML
Also,I can see this update absolutely useless in case of getting extra benefits. They ate that small,that it doesn’t worth,being tied with primarches requirements.And since we are not allowed to hit alliance poachers anymore,id say,that we getting WAY less shards now.
Also,random system of appearance is lame. I want to get my chosen shads in peace.
I don’t want to hit lower lvl beast in needed region and have higher in region which I need

So far I can see almost 0 benefits for player,but we all are forced to max primarches (even if we don’t need all 3(i use to have 3 primarches to mine shards fast and comfortable) maxed or at silver tier
So some ppl needed to lvl up primarches
Also we all are forced to keep silver primarches with some troops on castles(which will make us a juicy target)
It’s awful,especially for those,who have offensive silver,not defensive.

A lot of ppl with bronze primarches loading them with Troops fully to avoid wasting speedups.

Summarizing all of this I can see only one reason for this to be up: forcing more attacks on castles,since. There is more troops there now.
And forcing ppl to conquer more lands,because they can’t share poachers with alliance anymore.
Oh well…nothing new .

Thank you a lot for providing so detailed info!
Much appreciated :hugs:
I think I’d call you PGMech,since you are faster then … other ppl :speak_no_evil:
Yeah,I’m actually little upset with parts 2 and 3. I had a hope,that I was wrong and missing some known algorithms.(
Makes no sense for me,that appearance is random and not increasing/decreasing.
It makes not comfortable getting shards,because I need at least 2 silver primarches in different regions,if I want to raid only higher lvl beasts
And one to guard my home castle…

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I’m not convinced hunt power was such a great addition though post-adjustment it’s not so bad. 5k troops on a silver 13 or silver 16+ with 1 troop can kill any beast in the game. PG wants to incentivize primarch leveling ofc.

Would definitely like to see “at a glance” tools added to Atlas that shows beasts sorted by level/element for ease of reference and convenience.


Wonder if @mechengg will treat it as a praise, or insult…
So, is it a good or bad things for any team new to Atlas? (freshly baked Atlas team, no castle)

Hahaha! Meant as a compliment

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