Clarification Needed Here : ATLAS ATTACKS COUNT AS WAR DEFENSE WTF 🤯🤯🤯🤯


We are having an war right now , they are bringing primarchs to our castles in atlas . Some of my mates killed their primes , but the attack counted as war defense . Is that legit or a bug these team is exploiting .


It’s legit. All defended attacks on non-5 flamed targets count as def points, whether the attack is initiated through war screen, team screen, matchmaking or atlas.


So declare a war and move all trappers and taunters on opponent castles for glory, good revival and defense points? Seems like a no brainer?


you can do the same, use fighter 1 troop
if they attack you at your castle you get 1 defense point too

or bring ally to clear their/ get someone outside of team to do it


How could atlas and wars have same logistic . That doesnt make sense plus most of teams dont know that. It doesnt make sense to me at all. If I win an atlas run against this team it doesnt count as war point but its defense does? HELL NOOOO .


It’s the same as going on an RSS run during an event or doing PvP attacks in events before the war time is done. They all count towards defense points


Sometimes in War, brains are mightier than brawn.
Check your targets, don’t get baited.


Legit, surprisingly legit


I’d think Atlas gives a higher incentive to get this type of behavior. Teams don’t really lure you into hitting them for RSS, but parked at your castles is significantly more annoying and require some sort of response. Defense counting mechanics is the same, but it’s different.

Atlas has an “enter” button, I guess that’s also a hint of separation


Some people used to test out bases by flying non-war attacks w/o getting def points, so this is probably to counter that.


Or do war and non-war attacks to,throw off,defenders?


I literally had the same in my mind🤣
Trappers And Taunters on every Their castle
With 1 troop.
Till THEY will abandon idea deaclare):nerd_face::smirk::relieved::grin:


But 100% GP from them :heart_eyes:


Welcome to Atlas. Fortunately not too many teams use this tactic. Just know you can do it right back to them. (If you can find them)

Have fiends kill off their primarchs or resist killing them.

Win on both fronts and they are likely to never try it again.


Wait till EvilConduct sees this


Yeah this is an old tactic. Sometimes when we’d get declared on we’d park some prims on their castles knowing there is always at least one player on a team that just can’t resist hitting it. We just have a neighbor alliance team come over and get rid if it a nusance, but owning multiple castles we’d just work around them. Our team mates were either better disciplined or had a better understanding of the interrelationships between WD & Atlas.


No wayyyy!
I actually was sarcastic


@PGCoffee Is this true?? This is so unfair! Please tell me it’s a glitch that WILL be fixed!


I think it’s true and just like the “revenge” attack on the warring team counting as one. Gotta be careful.


did the attack count as a war hit? (or just the defense)