Clarification Needed Here : ATLAS ATTACKS COUNT AS WAR DEFENSE WTF 🤯🤯🤯🤯


This is used on purpose. The player has to be a valid war target. Typical use involves their largest player parking a defensive primarch on your castle. As that player is unlikely to have flames against them, and their primarch will be difficult to kill.

Often used with a ton of 1 troop primarchs to keep enfeeble from working and generate more defends.

It’s both terrible and clever. Personally I won’t use it as it seems underhanded to involve troops in a main game war. To me it says “we can’t win without.” I also prefer not having it done to us more.

All attacks on a valid war target count no matter if main game or or atlas or whatever. They stop counting when the defender has 5 flames against them or the attacker already has 5 flames on someone. (I think both stop it, but it might just be one of the two that works)


Very complete story on it as usual!

As far as things go, there are much shadier stuff that teams do to stay competitive. Compared to those, this seems quite small. But it happens in most cases that two teams are kind of close together.
It’s unlikely to bring the team that does it really up a notch. At most, this would be like some teams that log into same account on both devices and getting more defense points than they should have.
We should compile a list of teams that do it and all can go glory hunting on them for being… “clever” :joy::rofl:

Jokes aside, I do prefer not to win that way. But who am I to say anything, some even pride themelseves for generally being an ass. World of WD lolol


Yeah well for a diamond team I don’t think the tactic matters it’s just exhausting to fight on multiple fronts.

But for a platinum team I can see how they might have no clue and not be able to get their guys to stop hitting. They aren’t as discliplined as sapphire teams which are not as discliplined as diamond teams. (In general)

So yeah I think it’s a mechanic that shouldn’t exist but closing it allows for exploiting atlas in other ways.


I’m no longer have access to Atlas, but if my memory serves correctly, if you are at war in WD, any attacks on the other team, regardless as to where initiated, are handled the same as if they were done from the WD War access icon. Our policy was to be careful during a war even when doing matchmaking to make sure not attacking the other team’s players.


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Version 4.70 Release Notes

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