Clarification Needed: Pirate Team


I am hoping that I could get some clarification from PG as to what a Pirate team is and what factors will be used to make decisions on which teams are purged from Atlas. It was was posted that:

  • Pirate Teams - We want to be intentional about having good teams in Atlas that are engaging in the core systems in a non-degenerate way. Expect a purge of inactive teams.

This statement is very vague. Some clarification would be great. I play on a team with other people that do not enjoy the atlas politics and have sacrificed owning castles because we do not want to kiss the ring of the mega alliances. We are far from inactive. We do well in Atlas and regular events. We have spenders. We have a waiting list of people that want to join.

Others refer to us AND we call ourselves Pirates. Are we one of the teams targeted in your statement?

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i feel ya, there, even as a part of a mega one, but… :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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Can someone post the link to the original thread that atlas is being revoked from pirate teams? I’m searching and can’t find it. Thanks in advance!

Remove atlas to pirate clans with politics or castles. It is a bit rough as everyone has their policy. But what they should do is remove the benefits that a pirate clan gains when they attack a castles. Since in this way you can farm without being counteracted and that is unfair to clans with a castles policy. Because they get the same benefits. Regarding glory and events.

If a team has less than 25 players, they should be removed from Atlas.


Pirate teams do not get same benefits

  1. No daily egg token bonus from castle ownership
  2. No bank is a huge loss when making the choice to be a pirate team. We have to spend gold when we get it. I have been on teams with castles in the past. Effective use of a bank is a Huge boost. Events using any resource are more difficult for pirate teams. Leveling primes is tough.
  3. More enemies = we get hit for resources often

It’s not easier being a pirate. We work harder to get less ‘stuff’. The benefit is solely less politics.


Don’t forget that you have 100% control over your troops.

I don’t think pirate teams are just castle-less teams, I think they are half full teams where big players. (D1-S1) go to get better glory from sniping. Simply put.

100% gloria. Sin posibilidad de venganza. Mismos premios en eventos. Mismas reglas. Sin represalias. Ojalá no os quiten el atlas. No sería justo. Pero si la obtención de las mismas ganancias cuando atacas un castillo. Para eso esta la zona roja.

I am sure that there are pirate teams as you describe. But that is not us. Our members are mostly long term, we are full with a wait list. Top 300 in atlas events. 1200 sigil prize 50% of the time

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I understand that recent conflict with us may be shaping your view, but benefits are not the same. I’ve been on teams in all leagues and all tiers. It is much harder being a pirate. It is not for everyone. Being compliant and joining an alliance makes it much easier. All you gotta do is login and get your stuff.

Try being a pirate for a bit. See how hard you have to work to get less stuff.


No es el problema que hay en conflicto entre clanes. Si no que no hay opción de contraatacar (pirata vs castillos) y eso desnivela el juego justo. Ustedes han decidido su política como la alianza la suya. Por eso digo es injusto que se os quiten atlas. Pero si la gloria y cofres que si ganan cuando atacan castillos.

Lots of teams can snipe that you have limited recourse against. Lack of a castle is only one of the possible limiting factors.


I have so many words, but I feel this bears repeating. Just because a team has a castle or 12 doesn’t automatically mean you will ever get a chance to retaliate against them, for a variety of reasons. Tell people how many have to be on a team to keep Atlas access and you’ll just end up with stronger, consolidated pirate teams. As for what qualifies as a pirate team not worthy of keeping access, I’ll be highly interested in that decision.

I am especially interested in why would PG risk reducing anyone’s spending, since people removed who were otherwise buying Atlas elite will stop, because, you know, no Atlas (same thing will happen if you prevent people from sniping castles just because they don’t own any).

My alt is on a small “pirate” team. She has Atlas elite. It’s an active account. I have zero interest in playing with 49 other people on that account, or dealing with politics, or anything else. And you know what? Plenty of teams have no problem counter-sniping me if they’re awake and paying attention. That is how they “get back” at me, simply by making me fail.

People saying there is no risk have obviously never come up against good counter-snipers. People who say it’s easy have perhaps never done it; it’s still a lot of work if you want to max a season as a pirate (well, perhaps easier in the sense that it’s more fun, and things that are fun feel easier). Every hit I make from that account I risk my troops just as I do if I’m hitting someone from my main account. More-so, even: I’m little, there’s usually no one to defend me, no big to back me if I get trapped by a giant, no one to help me get past the giant taunters that I have to trap my way past and then suicide my trapper on. That’s part of the fun, but, I mean, if pirating is really so great with soooo many amazing benefits that are equal to those you get from castles…why isn’t everyone a pirate? :thinking:

Anyway, whether the pirates are large players swapping into a lower-rank teams to find targets or players who are living their 100% best pirate lives, controlling them will not fix anything at all about Atlas. Nothing. Pirates are an outcome of the much larger problems with Atlas that PG has not (and perhaps can not) fix. Trying to control them won’t help with stagnation, mega alliances, access issues, incentives to hit down, lack of incentives to conquer, or any of the other major issues that are what have turned Atlas into what it is today. Pirates caused none of these problems. Just because lots of people have decided to play the game of castles and it’s ruining the game for them, doesn’t mean they should force everyone else to be miserable with them. If you don’t like pirates (or any sniper for that matter) hitting your castles, get better at counter-sniping or make yourself less of a target. :ok_woman:


“Kiss the ring of mega alliances” - I like that.

As a long-standing member of a pirate team I wholly agree. The changes that PG has made, and going to make, only seem to further enforce the creation, and maintaining of mega alliances. I can guarantee that if PG changed the atlas rankings from based on castles to based on glory gained, many pirate teams would be near the top of the leaderboard (considering there are nearly 1300 teams in atlas).

It’s not our fault that we don’t want to subscribe to the way they wanted atlas to be played, using mega alliances and getting no where, but instead choose to make our own path in the game even if it means making plenty of enemies that take to the forums and complain about being attacked because god forbid someone attack an alliance castle and have to call on 50 other teams to save them from 5 pirates.


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Completely off-topic. But more on-topic btw: I personally enjoy the service that many pirate teams provide on those crappy access T4s pre- and post-PvPs. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: