Clarification on losing Wars

  1. When a team is going through an exodus crisis, has been set upon by multiple teams and cannot win, I heard that not attacking or defending will reduce the number of points lost. Can anyone clarify the rules around this?
    • Just no attacks or also no defends?
    • Does just 1 of either nullify the rule?

  2. Months ago I was told that by soloing a base in a war (first attacker 100%'s the base) that no defense points would be awarded. Obviously, this is untrue – but was it ever true?

Thanks for the clarification!


This hasn’t been true for a long long time.


Only if there are no defenders will there not Ben defense points for an attack. That person who told you that is very confused (and wrong). That has not been true for the 2 years I’ve been playing.


I’ve heard some people say you only get defensive points if you successfully defend the base which isn’t true either. Showing up to defend gets the point.


I get where they get it from, since the in-game text literally says “succesful defenses”. But as in other places the game text is quite inaccurate with respect to the current mechanics (“stealing points” in Gauntlet would be another prominent example).


Thanks everyone!

This can be closed as solved :slight_smile: