Clarification on TOS rule and please change this rule with specificity and then enforce uniformly

Selling/Advertising - Posts that advertise, promote, or solicit external services, referrals, websites or commercial enterprises.

In the forums we have links to outside fan pages and sources. This would constitute a technical infraction to this TOS rule, advertising a website.

There is a player on this forum that for some reason finds some of my posts as a reason to be tagged. I post my art as FREE wallpapers for all of you, some of you I have even done FREE art, FREE GIFs and FREE custom characters. I enjoy doing what I do and especially enjoy the fact you all enjoy it. I do not make money on any of my art, i am disabled and am facing life threatening surgeries all the time.

I posted one meme, where people wanted it on TShirts, so I posted a link, it was flagged. Then a few of my other posts that stayed within TOS and did not have links other than the one listed above.

According to the rule listed and linked above, ANY LINK PROMOTING A NON PG WEBSITE IS CONSIDERED ADVERTISING THUS CANNOT BE POSTED WITHIN THIS FORUM. This would severely limit any fan based sites that would aid and help the gaming community. Broadcasts by non PG personnel could not be advertised in game or out of game.

simple solution---------CHANGE THE TOS on this subject, clarify it and then enforce it uniformly.

And to the player that has the audacity to flag my post without approaching me, please talk to me. I am reasonable and will apologize for any offense i have committed.


Was your post flagged as “inappropriate” as in violating the forum ToS or “off-topic” compared to the topic of the thread? Different flags mean different things. :t_rex:

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yes, it was in my wallpaper thread in off topic

No, the flagged posts you made in Sandberg’s thread. Were they marked as inappropriate or off-topic? :t_rex:

Unless I am misunderstanding the posts which you’re referring to… in that case, sorry. :t_rex:

those were just two, One was in my wallpaper thread and when I removed the hyperlink it posted again.

As for those two, it had bearing on that post since it had a link to an outside source, a non PG site, advertising it and even being promoted bey pinning it to the discussion forum.

So it was not off topic at all, had something to do with the discussion i am creating

This rule needs to be changed thats all


It is important to remember there are multiple ways to flag a topic:

  • It’s Off-Topic – This post is not relevant to the current discussion as defined by the title and first post, and should probably be moved elsewhere.
  • It’s Inappropriate – This post contains content that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines.
  • It’s Spam – This post is an advertisement, or vandalism. It is not useful or relevant to the current topic.
  • Something Else – This post requires staff attention for another reason not listed above.

A post could be appropriate, but off topic. Alternatively, a post could be inappropriate but on topic. Anyone in the community may flag anonymously and never has to reveal themselves. Let me say that again. You never had to be admit to flagging or not flagging a post. It is this community’s right to do so. People may always choose to flag and not saying to the person they flagged.

All flags, each and every one, are moderated and monitored by the forum mods (volunteers) and PG Staff. The mods and staff take action based on that.

The link to your site was flagged as inappropriate because it was a link to a site where you charge money for your artwork. That is inappropriate.

Links to fan and guides sides have no been flagged as inappropriate because they do not charge people any money and have been approved by PG to exist and help. These sites include, but are not limited to:,, If you find something inappropriate on those websites for the forum community, please message a PG staff member and they will handle it.

Past that, I will let @Arelyna say the offical standpoint of PG at this point, since I am just a mod and my comments are based off of what has happened and been enforced on the forums since I joined in April 2015.

Edit: also you may have missed this listed in the community guidelines:

Pocket Gems reserves the right to modify these Rules of Conduct at any time, as well as take appropriate actions including account suspension and deletion to protect the integrity and spirit of the game, regardless of whether a specific behavior is listed here as prohibited.

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Case in point - I don’t think anyone has ever flagged @ChargerRT1969’s posts on his graphics courses which are provided through the Academy.


Get a line account. Anyone interested in more can message you there.

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Please Delilah keep this post on topic! This is specifically about the tos on advertising and promoting.

That post was really on-topic. Explained to you how flagging worked and why your post was flagged in the first place. :t_rex:


This thread is specifically on the topic of advertising websites, the TOS does not stipulate that a monetary exchange must be made.

Delilah is creating a larger discussion clouding the main point. Please the TOS needs to be changed, simple.

Non argumentative, just change it so fan based websites can use links here in the forum, right now they are in violation.

They can as long as they don’t make a profit. I think you linked a link to your personal website where you charge money, and that’s a promotional thing and therefore not allowed. :t_rex:

I believe what she was trying to tell you was:

  1. PG isn’t responsible for your posts being flagged - that’s the community
  2. If your posts are in violation of TOS, they’ll likely get deleted rather than just flagged

I don’t think the majority on here have any issue with your posts. Don’t let the one (or maybe two) idiots get under your skin.

Good luck and keep rendering! :+1:


Not according to the link and quote I pasted on this post.

Advertising websites, money or not is against the rules. In fact pinning the site is considered promoting the website, clearly violating this policy.

The fact the ONE post of mine was flagged because it was the meme on a t-shirt is also in violation of that policy. I never quibbles about that.

I can charge no profit, and this will not be a commercial enterprise for me, that would solve this issue on that point, but still violating this policy.

This policy is poorly written and needs clarification. The post on the title states this clearly.

I am sorry you feel my post was off topic. I am sure @PGJared will deal with that flag as he sees fit. Allow me to show why my post was 100% a direct reply to every point you made.


Saying it twice doesn’t help Delilah.

My point is simple, really simple!

Make it more than the title, is an injustice to my intent.

So just to be clear you had a link removed where you were selling stuff?

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You are flagging me with being off topic. I am explaining why I am not off topic.

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Yes, it was clearly a violation, I never said it wasn’t. I didn’t understand since many others have done the same and are violating the same TOS rule.