Clarity on starting flames in wars

I can’t seem to wrap my head around this, so I’m hoping someone can shed a little sanity on it for me.

Pre-War Flame Counts

TEAM A: 3 players
TEAM B: 2 players

TEAM A starting flames: 240
TEAM B starting flames: 235

My assumption is that starting flames plus number of players = 250, but in this case, Team B can never reach 250 because they only have two players: highest flame count possible is 245.

Team A, on the other hand, only needs 2/3 players to make successful 5-flame hits to win.

Help? Ball peen hammer to my temple? Sumpin?

It’s to encourage people to have a full roster. If a 1/50 team started at 245 vs a 50/50 team (he would be at 0/250 flames in this scenario in game, but we’re pretending OP’s desired rules are true), but was a level 550 with a max base, he could win a decent amount of wars if the other teams don’t have the dragons/skills to take his base.


I don’t want to sound rude… but he would most certainly not win any wars against a 50/50 team :joy: even if they did nothing, he’d lose 5-245

Edit: you probably mean “if we didn’t have this system in place”

Yep! That’s what this part as for, I’ll add a () to dispel any possible confusion.

for every player that leaves or empty slot = 5 flame points

if the player that got hit left, the 5 flame points become free (the 5 flame point that got contributed will turn into a free 5 flame point and the one that did that attack can do another attack).

More like this:

230 flame points
1 player left (was already hit)
230 flame points

225 flame points
1 player left (hasn’t been hit by anyone)
230 flame points

That part I get totally @Kenshiki; my OP was about pre-war flames.

To @Lutrus regarding OP, that makes more sense, thanks. IOW, there’s an algorithm in place, so it’s not just straight flame point counts as it is during war.

yeah, sorry if i misunderstood a bit, but let me try again.

Team A will win instantly (skip the scheduled time for the war to end) if they can hit 2 players from the other side.

However, Team B can only win if they can hit 2 players on the other side and one of the team member on team A leaves, but, this has to be done before team A reaches 250 flame points.

don’t know if the second one has been done, but that’s my educated guess.

Yup that makes sense. I wonder if the algorithm factors in level averages. For instance, if Team A has 3 members under level 50 and Team B has members over 100 versus Team A with 3 over 100 and Team B with 2 members under level 50. I wonder if those pre-war flames would remain the same.


Anyway, thanks guys. Much appreciated.

nope, it only gives you 5 flame point for every empty slot. It won’t provide anything less than that.

even if its a level 20 or 700, it will provide 5 flame points to the other team if they leave their team.

Level is ignored, that’s why a team of 100-200 have no business declaring on a team of 300s

If it’s that static, though, and not influenced by player level, then why wouldn’t the numbers be reversed in the OP?..

2 players start with 240
3 players start with 235

instead of what it actually shows:

3 players start with 240
2 players start with 235

I don’t know where the compensation algorithm kicks in. And there has to be one in place or scenario 1 would be the case instead of scenario 2.

Algorithms are only as good as their input data, and I can’t find the demarcation point for where the data is static with an even exchange (player:starting flame ratio) and where the variables change that stat.

This is not some complex algorithm. The allocated flames are designed to favor a full roster. Every player less than 50 at time of declare gives your opponent 5 flames.

So for example:
Opponent 50/50. No free flames
Opponennt 48/50. 10 free flames
Opponent 47/50. 15 free flames

In your example if the two teams fought:
Team A (3/50) attacks Team B (2/50)
Team A starts with 240 flames
Team B starts with 235 flames

Team A should win


If what you’re saying is accurate, then what I’m seeing is inaccurate.


3 players start with 240 flames (max achievement would be 255)
2 players start with 235 (max achievement would be 245)

Max achievement is 250. You cannot hit a base for more flames once it is eliminated

Team 1 = 3 / 50 member will provide 235 flame points to the other team (5 x 47 = 235)
Team 2 = 2 / 50 member will provide 240 flame points to the other team (5 x 48 = 240)

Team 1 will have 240 flame points
Team 2 will have 235 flame points

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I’m aware of that @DerangedSkrill , and that’s not the issue that I’m trying to clarify. Obviously, a team can’t score past 250.

What I am seeing with my own eyes is this:

TEAM A: 3 players with 240 starting flames
TEAM B: 2 players with 235 starting flames

It is based on your opponent

That’s correct. Team B only has 2 players, which means team A only has to hit 2 people to win the war. This puts team A at 240 starting flames.

The formula looks like this:
250 - ((number of opposing players)*5)

Team A has 3 players, so team B will have:
250 - (3 * 5) = 235 starting flames.

Make sense?

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Crap. Finally. It makes sense.

Dang brain has to overcomplicate every freaking thing lol

THANK YOU! To everyone who hung in there with me…




and you may also need



You’re looking at it from the wrong direction. The number of flames you are provided pre-war or even during if one of their players leave, is dictated by their number of players. So the number of players team A can attack is 2… since the max number of flames possible is 5 per base and max number of flames is 250, then all Team A can possibly get to reach 250 is 10 flames so 250 - 10 = 240.

There is no algorithm nor other math involved… it really is that simple. Is it the clearest way to represent it? No, but it is that basic.

Edit: just saw Lutrus’ response above… mine is redundant lol