Class-Specifc Boosts?

Have not read much on here about the future of the Forge, and what we could do with it at level seven and beyond. Been kicking around the idea of being able to forge class-specific boosts. Warriors only being able to equip elemental resists, Sorcerers only being able to equip red or blue rage multipliers (halves spell costs), etc. Recent class balancing changes are a step in the right direction but Warriors and Sorcerers are far from viable competition for Hunters yet, something like this may do the trick. Let me know what you think.

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Do hunters get anything? Or is this to help warriors and sorcerers keep up?

This seems interesting, though for sorc, maybe just the next cast is free (or something more minor) vs halved for the entire run.

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For sorcerer specifically I’d rather see something like can swipe attack across 5 targets instead of 3 (not as a consumable just as a thing).

Against xp bases that’s OP :joy:

For hunters, they get infinite ammo for 5 seconds (too OP). Or they could gain the ability to equip Sacrifice.

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