Classic Dragon Special Event appearances

Guys, PG really needs to introduce a classic Dragon from past events instead of throwing all these new ones at us all at once. Not saying they should disrupt the 4 new dragons per season but look at how many progression paths they threw at us this past winter season. Why couldn’t they use one of those spots to give us all another crack at a dragon we loved from past events? Now that many of you are higher level and know what to do, you are realizing as your favorite event dragons are capping at gold and platinum or lower, that you are missing out on some epic dragon goodness. Just today I realized that I only went up to gold evo stone with Tarand. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone down his path to the end instead of splitting up my 2016 -17 winter sigil between Tarand and Snowdrop.

Now think to yourself how much money you may have spent or time and effort on getting a dragon to what you thought was a decent evo level and as you have progressed realizing how epically useless they are to you now that you have surpassed them.

Anyone else feel the same way?

… No.


Oh and FFS please PG, show what evo stones I have!

That is something that needs to be implemented, yes. There’s topics on it already. (I mean the evo stone thing, not the divine re-release.)
PG is not releasing old divines. Please use the search function.

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We have all made mistakes in the game or made decisions we later regret. However, as posted in November, limited-time items/dragons are meant to be limited time.



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I don’t think the world would end if you threw out an old event item in the future. Nor would you get any complaints. Just saying. Dragons won’t breathe fire on you for doing so I promise.

surprisingly enough a lot of ppl do complain every time this idea comes up, I personally don’t mind but I dont think is happening unless the game starts dying and is not worth the effort to put out new drags.

Don’t see why someone would complain either. Im sure everyone has a dragon they missed out on and would like another crack at it. They keep throwing stupid dodovampire out there…

People complain because we see this topic every week. This isn’t happening and it’s not going to happen.

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Then why do you reread the same post? You feel better by interrupting other people’s conversation with pouty nonsense? Or you just enjoy being a forum nazi?

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A LOT of players complain about this subject, I usually just shut down every “universal stone” thread as per instructions immediately. However this one is different enough that someone at Pg should make the call perhaps. Again. The moment things stop being limited time is the moment people stop pushing so hard and spending.

Say I’m in Garnet tier. Why push to get an obsidian or harbinger stone if I can just get it later?

I’m 100% against this in every way.


Okay, calm down please. I just get tired of redundancy and want people to know it ain’t happening, because it’s not and it’s been said before. Make a redundant post and you’re going to be met with negativity.

Come on in the water is fine

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People would not stop paying if they released past divine dragons. In fact it would increase spending if the prices were reasonable,but the problem is prices are not reasonable. The new spring dragons if bought at the start of the season costs $2100.if you hit the 450 sigil prize every event,you’ll still have to pay a lot. So much for pgcoffee saying they were making the mythic dragon more accessible.

I see your point most definitely but if it’s a random classic thrown out every other season or so, there is no guarantee that if I wait I’ll ever see that dragon again. This is assuming players will play for year and years hoping that the dragon they didn’t push hard on will show back up. I guess it’s a profits vs risk scenario and how much PG wants to listen to it’s players, assuming enough of their paying customers want this to happen. \○/

There would be outrage over “omg of course you re-release (dragon) when I have him already. How bout releasing (dragon2)?!?!?!??!” It’d never end.

That said if Necryx was re-released I’d privately “mwahahaha.” But in general, it’s simply that you’re giving people access to things that people thought were time limited and busted their tails (or wallets) for.



OR they could release a cat dragon every season.


I suppose technically that is an idea lol

In all honesty how would they go about it though. (BTW personally against this idea)
Lets look at Nexryx, i have him to the Platinum stone.
I beleive @CheekyGrinch doesn’t have him at all???
@TheRedDelilah Probably has it it maxed?
So this prize line does it still have all the evo stones from Red to Harbringer?
What happens to the people that already have a stone unlocked do they get a new prize instead? do they get a 2nd stone for a sigil cost?
Would Red still be able to claim anything from the tree because she already has everything???
are all the evolve stones free so noone has to repay for a stone. This seams like it could be really difficult to balance.

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