Clean account blocked by banned account

A few years ago I had 2 accounts. One was banned and I kept playing the other one, also created a new account. So I kept playing the new and old accounts on my device. Today, while switching accounts absentmindedly, I entered the email and password of the banned one. Now I can’t access my 2 working accounts. I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing the app cache and data then uninstalling and reinstalling, erasing Google account linked to the banned account then uninstalling and reinstalling. Well I don’t know what else to try. Am I supposed to factory reset my phone to be able to play my accounts?

Most you can do at that point is send a ticket to support here: and see if they can help you.


Thanks a lot for the info.

There’s also some useful things in your pm :slightly_smiling_face:

They ask for the support I’d, I can’t access it if I can’t enter the game.🤦

You can find your ID outside of the game. Go to the settings on your phone, scroll all the way down, find WD and open, there should be all info about it

Liiike so


Can something like this be found on android too? I don’t see my ID from the settings. Now I’m curious lol

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Thanks for all your suggestions. I found a way to fix the problem with the help of another player.

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just curious, now.

what did you do to get your account banned? :thinking:

My current accounts are clean. At that time I had 2 elite packages in my accounts when huracaine Maria destroyed our island. I wanted to get an extension of those packages since I didn’t have internet access nor electricity for 6 months.
They said no, that natural disasters are not their fault. I got mad and bought a cheat, a friend installed it on one of my accounts. It gave me potions, food and wood packs, clocks, and next tier dragons.
If they weren’t so cold, I would be a paying player. But I’m not wasting my money again.

There’s nothing support can do for you. It’s a device issue. If you’re on Android there is a file in the wardragons folder that you need to delete. That will reset the game to a brand new game on your device and you can then log into your clean account.

On iOS the only thing you can do is a factory reset.


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