Cloak on mythic rune

I assume I know what the answer will be but would this combo add predatory glide duration?

It will only work for the actual cloak, not any other spells that have a different name.


Has to be the exact same spell name for it to work

Yeh I knew that was the case… but since no dragons are ever likely to have ‘cloak’ again, maybe PG can amend the secondary spells on especially mythic and exotic runes to be more versatile :wink::wink:

:roll_eyes: Looking at consumable cloak.


They have, that rune hasn’t dropped from silvers for a year or so now, secondary is now dragon hp or dragon attack. Can’t blame an old rune for working with old dragons…

The last ones I can recall to have cloak were Galgrim two years ago, and resurrected Necryx.


If a dragon has a cloak type spell they can not also equip the normal cloak spell as an add on, so this eye is directed at yourself?


Yea that’s a hard NO

I did know all that and expected this response. Just funny that the description is so plain and simple saying dragon cloaks but a cloak rune doesn’t work.
As you say it’s been a while since that rune came out… hence my point that no dragons now can use the cloak part. If they made the secondary ability of the runes and glyphs cover a range of cloak type spells…?
Every dragon released these days pretty much has a unique spell name so ‘cloak’ won’t come up.
Anyway im not really that worried about it I just thought it was interesting

Not all dragon has cloak restriction, thus it’s still relevant, albeit not much.

Balance related. A few seconds longer invisibility can change the outcome of the battle greatly, depends on the kit.

Remnant of the old days, same as research :joy:

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