Cloak spell button placement


Surely someone has raised this issue before, but I can’t search it in this new forum so I’m going to suggest it anew: Is it asking too much to standardize the placement of the Cloak spell button?! Sometimes it’s on top, sometimes in the middle. Switching from one warrior to another necessitates reconditioning yourself almost every time, especially if you delve back into earlier tiers. Why can’t it be always on top, or bottom, or in the middle? I’d like it to be there when I reach for it by instinct, no matter which hunter I’m using.


Or make spells/resists static in general across the board by some sort of order, e.g. unlock order + add-on at the bottom, so that it’s at least consistent per dragon. I guess that might make it a bit odd for mythics, but I’d have to assume those are in some sort of order too.


I would rather they not show passive spells on the left side - only active spells should be available. With the exception of steal essence or those types of spells where they start passive then become active. That way the left side is less cluttered and button placement matters less.

Also, locking the position of one spell means every other spell needs to move around that position - not feasible given the number of spell combinations available out there currently.


I’d be fine with 1) passive spells on one side, active on the other, 2) being able to customize where you want your spells. It was one of the first suggestions I ever made when joining the forum, because I am left handed and had a hell of a time learning to tap with my right hand. A left-hand option would have been a game changer for me, but that ship has probably sailed after two years of playing this way.

But I don’t see why standardizing that particular spell can’t work. Almost every hunter has it, it’s probably the most critical spell in the hunter arsenal; and for die-hard hunter enthusiasts like me, it would be a big help to have it in one place all the time. It’s not like any dragon has an infinite number of spells. It would work for any combination I can think of. Different positioning on every dragon is like having the brake pedal or the gear shift positioned differently in every car — sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes hanging from the roof…lol.

I have no idea how complicated it would be to enable customizable spell placement, but that would be an epic improvement.

  1. Don’t separate the spells onto different sides. They are fine on the left as they are. It would be dumb to put them in different locations since you use one hand for holding/spells and the other for tap/swipe/holding for attack. Having both hands be responsible for spells sounds absurd and cluttered

  2. If you use the dragon enough and fly him often you get used to where the spells are. HOWEVER, it would be NICE to keep the spells in the same order on the same dragon as you level him up (aka bottom spell is always spell 1, then spell 2 right above, then 3 then 4 then on the top is the add-on spell). It right now has the chance to randomly change when you learn new spells, not sure what dictates the order but some consistency between locations would be a notable NICE TO HAVE. AKA low priority on the fix-shit list.


3. Custom spell setups. Cost 50 rubies to change, but you can chose your order. Low priority, but man it would be so neat to have.


I completely agree wit( being able to change the location of the spells and I am sure that a lot of other players will agree as well… That feature has been requested many times before if I am not mistaken. So who knows…

Maybe make it cost 1000 rubies and it might spark interest because it could make them more money. Or make it a value pack that you have to purchase for each dragon.

insert sarcasm .gif here


I don’t see why it even needs to cost rubies, lol. It would just be great to be able to customize the spells — either side of the screen, both, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t want them on two sides of the screen, you don’t have to do that. And as far as using them enough to get used to the different placements of the same spell — the whole point is that you shouldn’t have to do this. Of course we all have our go-to dragon at any given time, usually our strongest, that we play more reflexively than the rest. But it would be nice to be able to switch between old dragons — say, during Blackblood-like events — and not have to spend a day re-learning each drag-of-yesteryear.

(And this may not seem like as much of a priority to right-handed players, because almost all video games are geared for right-handers; but for left handed players, it would allow us to play in a way that feels more natural to us.)


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