Cloak spell location consistency

Using the Cloak spell (or similar spells) is the only time I can think of where I need to hit the button faster than I have time to look at the left side of the screen to locate the spell.

Can we please have all cloaking type spells at the bottom of the spell layout for every dragon that has one?


It would be nice to have some sort of consistency instead of the randomness we have today. My guess is PG never thought about consistency.

It seems unnecessary to me. Just get used to the dragon you are flying. And please don’t change the location of timeshift on hauheset.

I agree with this. Particularly when spells on a dragon will swap locations after an update. It’s happened multiple times where I’ll get used to the dragon as C104 says, and then after update the spell locations are swapped on that dragon. Stop it, PG.


When flying multiple one’s with cloaking type spells it’s easy to get mixed up on where the spell is at when you have a fraction of a second to hit it while a mage shot is heading your way.

I don’t think it would be a problem getting used to Hau’s TS being at the bottom of the spell stack if thats where every other cloaking type spell was located.


I fly avyx, fomhar, aibrean (flash if that counts), necryx, hauheset and frostbiter. I’m not having any issue dodging mage shots or getting mixed up with the spells. But that’s just me :man_shrugging:

Which is the better option?

  • This dragon has cloak at the bottom, this dragon has cloak at the top, and that dragon has cloak in the middle.
  • All dragons have cloak at the bottom.

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There also needs to be consistency across devices as well.

Aibrean on Android from top to bottom is Fire Flak Resist, Chaos, Spring Renewal, Flash
Aibrean on iOS from top to bottom is Fire Flak Resist, Chaos, Flash, Spring Renewal

So much fun when you go from one device to the other and the order has changed. (My alt is iOS, main is Android)


It’s a quality of life suggestion. It would be better if it was uniform, doesn’t matter if you can dodge with every dragon no matter where the spell is located. Also spell location changes across devices. So it’s not even dragon specific in some cases.

Do I see it happening no. Wouldn’t consider it high priority either.

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This drives me nuts lol. It’s not even an iOS/Android split either. It differs between my iPhone and iPad. The rosters on both my accounts are almost identical so a lot of the time I end up using the same dragon with different spell positions in quick succession :see_no_evil:

The ideal that has been discussed before is customizable spell positions which would be awesome. But yeah I doubt it will get done anytime soon


That’s an even better idea.

@PGCrisis would you please look into getting our spell locations customizable or at the very least get some consistency? :pray:

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And alphabetizing runes/glyphs please. :slight_smile:

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Why does cloak have to be the deciding factor?
Why can’t i make a “Put healing mark on the bottom” poll?
What would you do for dragons that have both of these?

/my point being just get used to your dragon you are flying


Because using cloak is…

I personally havent been bothered by any other spells having different locations because I have time to look where they are before I use them.

…but customizable positions would be best.

I’m sorry, but i prefer to use elemental barrier over cloak on Necryx 99% of the time.
Again, situational case, but that is what you are making your argument off of…

If cloak were consistently at the bottom of every dragons spell stack, then you certainly wouldn’t make the mistake of hitting the bottom button when trying to use Elemental Barrier. That is also a unique spell that is easier to remember where its located on the one dragon I know of that has it.

So your argument is that you are used to how the dragons are now and you don’t want to have to get used to a more organized layout?

No my argument is about why cloak is the perfect spell to design the entire spell arrangement around. Vs other spells that other people may want to prioritize.

IMO, the first spell a dragon learns should be at the bottom, and each new spell should be on top of it. That way it is at least consistent somehow.

If you put cloak at the bottom, then for dragons without cloak what goes on the bottom? For instance Healing Mark could go on the bottom ya dig? Then what happens when a dragon has BOTH cloak and healing mark and the healing mark spell is now no longer where i’m “used to it being”. Congrats you have provided an inconsistency.

Having absolutely everything consistent would be great, but not feasible with the ability to mix and match spells. The next best thing is to have NOTHING consistent IMO, so that you don’t get your muscle memory attached to a certain move then automatically screw it up every single time you fly that 1 dragon out of 10 that is different. Having all 10 dragons different is much better (at least IMO).

That’s where i’m coming from. Standardize something if it makes sense, but tough exceptions hold us back from this a lot of the time. The next best thing is a custom layout system in the “equip” menu


I explained why I think standardization of cloak spell positioning is the most important. If you think there is a spell that’s more important to be in a static position that’s ok. That’s why a customizable UI would be best.

I concur with custom.

I am against complacent with a hint of difference

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I would suggest that we be able to arrange spells as we see fit.

It is something that can be done and it would be up to us to choose, or not choose.