Clock showing pg time

I suggest adding a tiny clock on the «home» screen, in the upper right corner by the resource bars. This clock would show the time in the timezone PG goes by.


Would’ve been great to have a final countdown timer when they unexpectedly ended the last atlas season :joy: otherwise I don’t care for their time schedule, they do what they want anyway


Their clock doesn’t matter. There are countdowns for all events. Whether or not they go by those countdowns has little to do with their time zone. We don’t need yet another thing on the screen, especially something that doesn’t actually pertain to the game.


A tiny clock in the top corner of the home screen wouldnt bother anyone… And im not worried about countdowns. It would simply make it easier for a team to coordinate, as teams have members from all timezones. Reasoning for the pg time, would be the few times they actually put a set time in announcements. I know ive had to close down the game to check a world clock, to see if i would be awake or not at a given time.

Cant see this being to much work to add…and cant see how it could possibly be an annoyance to anyone.

While we’re on suggestions I just happened to accidentally spend 6k rubies on a tower speed up all because the Ruby spending window is way too close to the timers and the fact is that why is there even a need for this useless 12 hr window as the 1 day and 2 day times?

But a clock for event starting would be minorly useful but not extremely needed. Atlas or any other reason team regional based I have no expertise in.

Then start a different thread for it since it wouldn’t be on topic here.


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