【CLOSE】LFT – `181` `xxHIKARIxx` – `P4` to `P1/S3`


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LFT – 181 xxHIKARIxxP4 to P1/S3


Time Zone:Asia/Tokyo
Played time:8 months
Age Range: 30+
Elite Account?:yes and allas elite too
Dragon Roster Includes:Pathox,Fomhar,Axi,AIbrean(I love hunter)
Highest Lineage Dragon:Renard(Garnet)

I’m looking for new team that has some casles at Atlas(Atlas Active team).
I can join at next season.
Read the followings and If you intersted,please contact me here or ingame.

My performance
Activity:very active.:laughing:
War :I never forget.:grinning:
Event::Almost I get to maxed team achive point. :grinning:
Quest::so so…90point above.:sweat:
Atlas :Trapper:Silver1,Destroyer:Silver1,Sieger:Silver1,Taunter:Bronze
Troops:keep 100k.:kissing_smiling_eyes:

Thank you


Beastriders, were P1 and we’re a cool group.

Message DeadlyCinn to apply. Look forward to flying with you soon.


Have a look at ZenWarriors. Plat 2/1. Placed Top 1 in 10/11 previous events. Occasionally hitting the 1.2k sigil team achievements. Fun and a very active group with Players from almost all time zones. You can look up the team name in forum to find the recruitment post for more details or mail any one of the officers in game or contact @ZenJJ here.



Thank you very much for your invitations.
I will check and decide until end of this feeding event.

Thank you.:bowing_man:


Check us out i776


Hi xxHIKARIxx!

Please take a look at Necromancers, we are platinum 1 with members all around the world. Message TheeFyreBytch to apply or with any questions.

Good luck with your team search!



HERExBExDRAGON is a Platinum 2 team that is currently recruiting (100+ Preferred). We have so many valuable things to offer you. A few of them are as follows

• 800+ egg tokens a day just for logging in
• Organized War and Resource Sharing
• War Waves and Teamwork
• Atlas, with 7 castles and every element available
• Players from Orange to Obsidian (Harbinger next event) for support
• A tight-knit family vibe and experience

These are only a few things we have to offer, the list can go on and on. There is something for everyone at HBD.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask. I’m always available.

N0t3b00kxHBDx (IGN) (yes they are zeroes)
Head Recruiter

LINE: not3b00k (last 2 are zeroes)


Thank you for many invitations at forum and ingame.

So many,I have not responded all.:sweat_smile:
but I’m reading all and consider.

Thank you.



Dear recruiters

I have decided new team.
Thank you for many invitations.

This thread is closed.

Thnak you.





Thanks @OrcaFrost