Close please irrevelevant


Please close the thread.


You just got “unlucky”. My alt have twice as many as his energy packs.


Lol, you’re still lucky then.
During this event, it’s possible to get 0 IF from 82 Bronze chests…
Also, I’d rather getting 25 sigil than 1 IF…


Grinding is 76 bronze chests?

You are probably in the index range of 5-15 or so of Orcas Rare drop charts if you just got the inner fire, so you should check what’s coming next


Atleast you get chest spammed about 20 supers the 1st day and due to exiting and coming back before I claimed them lost them all lol.


Just meant when grinding I did a bunch more and nada


I didn’t know a dry spell could last that long, been getting good inner fire and sigil drops from the bronze.


Yep, it can (on a specific bronze - rare list)


Some dry spells last years I’ve heard


It would be to me cause I never grind chests. Just let them flow naturally.


Closing per OP’s request.

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