CLOSED-xLightWolfx-73- Plat III looking for plat 1 an up or Atlas team


Language: English
Time Zone: EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Played time: 9 months yet I watched hours and hours of worth of videos about the game
Age Range: Teenager+
Elite Account?: Most times.
Dragon Roster Includes: Necryx, Gargula, Chimerak(all level 10) Equestor(lvl 9) Aibrean(level 7 soon to be 8) ettin, hugin, Munin, lumen, cadabolg, soon to be yersinu
Highest Lineage Dragon:Gold

About: Hello, I’m a level 73 very active player. I take this game very seriously! Teamwork makes things better no matter what! It’s a team game for crying out loud! I keep an active to very active status no matter what. I get 5 flames every war and participate in every event. I don’t leave without notice but I’m looking for a team I won’t have to leave. I’d love for a response soon!