Closing support tickets


Hi folks,

Has anyone else had PG close support tickets that weren’t ready to be closed or “past” the 4 day boundary?

I logged on this morning to have found my open ticket mysteriously closed…


Then just reply back to them. Support almost always closes tickets when they respond.


No no… it’s dissppeared from the log…

“No tickets” is what I was seeing


Use this.
All of your tickets are there, including closed one.




IIRC, you need to register once more, using email


ticket is only closed if you haven’t responded back after x days. Even if its marked as resolve, you can still open it within the given time frame.

I don’t know if they have a way to force close it, but if they do, it depends on your inquiry


Nope, wasn’t marked as complete.

The ticket just disappeared from the list


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