C'mon PG! Is this a function or a bug?

Diamonds for 3hrs speed up are 180, meanwhile for more than 3hrs (less than 4hrs) are 165. Anyone noticed this?


It’s a function - that’s because different timers have different values

I believe at 3h, the game uses 3 1h timers (which are valued at 60 diamonds each), but at 3h+, the game uses a 3h timer + a 1h timer (105 diamonds + 60 diamonds)

It’s wonky for sure, but it’s not a bug


People actually use diamonds for speeding things? Lmao

Better than timers! Cant use my diamonds to speed my fort event. :grin::nerd_face:


You mean people use timers in atlas? That seems like such a waste…


Got plenty more timers than diamonds here :laughing: tower levels are limiting me as of now

You need to find a better way to save diamonds and maximize your other rss, bucko!:hugs::grin: What do you do with yours currently?

Using in place of bullhorn :crying_cat_face:

It’s a feature :smirk:

I’m a weirdo and use 15m timers for everything atlas :smiley:

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Thank Fury for answering :see_no_evil::hugs:. Lol I really thought PG was bad at math :joy:


That explains the root cause but is it intended to behave like that? Also why can’t we throw in potatoes to speed up the things?

I assume yes, but that’s also a PG question

Because Potato Lives Matter! :sob:


Depending on your castle bonuses I’ve had it where 2 x 1 minute timers drops the diamond cost by 60 I think it was, which adds up when reviving 100k troops a day during troop event.

Yep another reason to hate people sometimes. NO MORE POTATO DEATHS :rage:

I’d rather throw in chests for timers and for speeding up troops and primes, etc.

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