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Hello everyone,I have complane because don’t understand real time in twich.Please Can anyone tell me what time can login in twich if I live i England??? Because when receive email from PG about week coach in twich I always missing.In email write 3pm-3.30pm and 11pm-12am and I was try go in twich and 3pm and 11pm but they write already miss coach up.

I don’t keep those messages, but when they come, there are two times in them:

e.g: 2pm-2:30pm PST, 11pm-11:30pm GMT.

the latter one is yours. (same for me)

However, those in-game messages tend to come when you restart the game, so don’t rely on them. Twitch can notify you via email when your favourite ones go online (Red, Coach, Wardragons, etc) and those come on time, your phone can notify you right when it starts.

Join twitch now. Subscribe to @coach channel. Then everytime he is streaming you’ll get an alert from the twitch app itself.

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