Coatl - can I use this glyph?

Can I add the restricted Chain Lightning rune to Coatl? He has thunder bolt.

No. Different spell


Runes/Glyphs have to exactly match the spell in order to work. (That being said, I haven’t seen that glyph before. Cool.) :t_rex:

Ok, thank you.

It will work on any essence based spell (forgot if extract essence gives chain lightning too from lightning towers but think so)

You could use one of equestor rune of storms… I know I have an epic one somewhere

I have the same glyph. That would mean this glyph is useless on divine dragons right?

What about the wisdom glyph with second ability “Chain lightning chains +1”? Also totally useless?

Wisdom glyphs on divines is a waste anyway, they cap out in no time.

Is there a higher sorcerer drag than garnet that can use this glyph? Or should I just salvage for dust?

I would use that if only for the rage generation aspect…

Wraith has chain lightning

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