Coatl removed after game reset

Just got the message, something as been added and game needs to restart. So once it has restarted armory was gone. After awhile I see I have an open spot in my roster strange I think to myself.
After awhile I notice my coatl is gone,removed.

Has this happened to anyone else?


I can’t even get into the game. It’s giving me the “Server is being updated” error message.

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I received the same message. Did not seem to receive anything but I do still have Coatl.

Locked out of game now. I did notice in den a sorcerer missing as my dragons were moved up one spot, same as hunters and warriors all moved up a slot.

I noticed atlas chest and a lot of .99 - 4.99usd packs in store, and armory gone.
Locked out now aswell

Edit: I dont have atlas

A teammate had all his harbs rolled back to eggs. @PGCrisis there appears to be some roll back issues.

With the armory missing and now the servers being down I’m guessing the update went badly…

Oh well I could use some apology gift timers this event… :grinning:


I did just notice there is a change to my Coatl. He is lvl 9 and was to get Mystic Barrage at lvl 10. He now has it already and Adaptive Resist is not slated to be granted at lvl 10


I to had message pop up something has been added game restarted but once I tried to get back got the message of the server is updating I’m officially locked out

Ah well just wait and see, as long as its cleared before fort starts, would be pissed to miss initial launch as I get most loot then

Look like they mess up the update so they need some time to fix it and lock people out incase someone do something stupid

I have been getting Error Hello there! We are currently updating our servers Please check back later. But I have been getting this for well close to an hour now.

I am not locked out.

I can get into the game but my teammates can’t back me because it says I need to update my game. No update in app store. Wtf is goin on :joy: :t_rex:

I am locked out on android not my iOS account

Not good. We are having war right now and haven’t done mine yet. Hope fully I can be able to do my attack before it ends.

The updates to not roll out at the same time. Even for the same device. It gets staggered.

Game just came back online for me. The armory’s back and dragons are where they should be. Ember has a new max healing time of 3m 45s.

Right after I posted game loaded but my Coatl is gone no where to be found???

after update, I can get in and all missions are reseted