Coatl resist glyphs and runes

so Can you attach a fire, dark flak and/or lightning resist glyph to coatl and have it work with adaptive resist? Will he only get the extra resist when that one is chosen??

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I think so

@PGCrisis will the runes work on the specific resist(e.g. dark flak, ice turret resist, etc) is given through adaptive resist?

That is a very good question.

In for the answer.

Well, it doesn’t work with riders on estril… so my assumption is no

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Which rider didn’t work?

Kayla has lightning resist, it doesn’t apply to estril… because it’s not considered his resist on dragon selection

I’m curious as well, since IMO this would be similar to equipping runes and glyphs on dragons with SE or EE to enhance the spells they acquire from that skill, but are not part of the original spell kit.

Excellent question! I, too, am curious of the answer. :slight_smile: Asking the team now!


So do we have an answer? :smiley:


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