Coatl - Rune of Storms

Anyone have any thoughts or advice on whether it’s better to replace Coatl’s epic Rune of Mystic Barrage with an epic Rune of Storms (rage and +1 thunderbolt chain)?

Thinking it’d be better with the extra thunderbolt chain over the increase in damage boost.

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I would concur

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I like the ideas of +1 chain

Its a good idea.
As per me, mythic rune of storm was far too valuable for equestor. So both my epic and legendary are used on him. (all for alt )
Looking at Coatl, i see its yet again not worth mythic rune of storm.
But epic, i would do it immediately, no second thoughts.

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Here’s an idea… Don’t hatch coatl. Instead dust his runes and save for next season…

Back on topic +1 chain is better


Yeah, Gox’s idea is better. Just sayin’… :joy:
Actually, I would say dust the runes that come with Coatl and save the + 1 chain rune for a better dragon… That’s a good rune.

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