"collect all" option for prizes



Ok i get this only would benefit a handful of teams but i spent 15 minutes this morning collecting those dam 4 eggs and 2 15min timers from purchased value packs. Can you just add a collect all option or group the same ones together anyways?


I would want collect all for event prizes too. It will be especially useful in fort and breeding :slight_smile:


true but that doesn’t take as long. Its just those little ones that take forever if i neglect doing it for more than a day.


Yes! Please please add this for the “regular” gifts with a resume, like :

  • You received X times : 3 egg tokens gifts…
  • You received Y times : 6 egg tokens gifts…
    (Because there are several qualities of gifts)

But leave alone special gifts or prizes like :

  • Event prizes
  • Apologies gifts
  • Christmas gift (or other seasonal gifts : Solstice, Halloween, Winter…)
  • Packs from other players
  • Others

Thank you for bringing this up, that’s something I really wanted but never thought to ask!!!


That’s a lot of packs you guys bought there Mike :grin:


Haha ya… i got lazy and ignored it for a few days…


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