Collect Wide Initiative - Official Discussion Thread

Please check this Thread out to read about the near future of War Dragons - and what the team is focused on!

What do you think of this road map update?

  • I’m excited to see where we are going (Positive)
  • I’m not sure how I feel yet (Neutral)
  • I’m not super pumped about the Collect Wide initiative (Negative)

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Defense or perch changes are only real road map update to look forward too.
The rest are things of the past now.


Can PG share what direction that Dragon Quests is going?

As a starting point I think the interface is working out well, but I am more interested in what this feature can bring to players. Is XP a win for players? Will this feature be developed further and offer a wider range of rewards? If there is not an immediate solution to the gap between teams with Atlas and the teams without would PG consider using this feature to close the gap by having Dragon Quests offer main game rewards like timers and tokens and change up the Atlas Missions to offer Atlas specific rewards like bullhorns, shards, diamonds etc.?


Crafting shards and scrolls, you missed those


Honestly I personally think the worst thing that PG did was offer main game (building supplies) in Atlas and Atlas items in the Main Game (gear items). It added a crazy amount of complexity to the economy and I am not surprised that they are having a hella hard time finding any kind of balance between the really active, moderately active and casual player.


This had to be done to give any sort of balance as gear is a major part of a base or a dragon. Only Atlas was a major imbalance.


I was hesitant to accept the new changes, but I’m starting to get on the bandwagon. Dragon quests are much better. I hope you’ll continue improving on that with additional rewards. The recent XP changes have been awesome. I have been experting all of my dragons in each tier and that has helped a lot.


Actually no it wasn’t. Biting the bullet and setting a reasonable standard based on activity to have access to Atlas would have.

I’m glad to see players doing that. I have always expert my dragons, the moment they did away with feeding, but it is certainly much easier to do now.


Really appreciate the transparency and trying to keep us in the loop! :slight_smile: Interested to see where things are going, and hope to see more positive changes in the future!


Honestly I started doing it because I was bored with the game. It was just something to do. I enjoy it now with the newer tiers though.


I love war dragons !


I rarely leveled dragons I didn’t use much past breedable, but since the missions came out, I’ve been picking a couple dragons every day to expert (from earlier tiers). I’m actually really enjoying it :sweat_smile:


The “ Make a large number of dragons more relevant in the game day to day” part sounds interesting, what exactly would that entail? More dragons being available for cheaper during seasons and lineage releases? Older dragons staying feasible for battle? Older drags having another use for battle?


There have certainly been some positives (Dungeons). I enjoy having a reason to use old, retired dragons again, it certainly helps to maintain the work we put into them

  • New Dungeons is great but adding teammates and being able to complete tiers just by following makes it a very quick event. It would be nice if there was maybe a progress reset of some kind half way through the week or maybe like the previous version where there were two different sets of dungeons (Fire dungeon and Dark dungeon)

  • It’s great that they improved dragon quests but in the end they’re still about worthless xp potions that really have little to no use. These would be far more useful if we could change which rss we get from them similar to how egg/timer missions work. These providing egg tokens would certainly be better

  • Things like Temple Raid and Assault need to be updated with more tiers (especially Temple Raid). Also it would be nice if Temple Raid got some kind of sped up auto flight feature for guardians on temples you’ve already cleared that event. I do love flying the old dragons but when you’re clearing 20+ islands an event, flying through the guardians gets extremely tedious, especially when it takes 20+ minutes to clear all of the guardians


We really appreciate the communication from pg!
And this helps tremendously as it offers some needed insight into Pgs reasoning and planned direction moving forward!

You said that pg wants to support all play styles so I’d like to ask what steps are being taken to support grinders and other play styles that utilize activity?

What’s being done to make activity a catch up mechanic and a reasonable way to remain relevant at or near end game levels ?

When will pg address the imbalance in our economy?

When will pg address drop% or density and the possibility of bracketing drop for those over 300 400 and beyond ?

When will pg address lack of flexibility in prize claiming ?

When will pg look at chest drop composition tables for all chests ?

And will pg consider making the dragon quests and trading posts a viable way for new players to begin acquiring map based consumables there by leveling the playing field ?

Will pg consider ghostriders proposal to eliminate leagues below gold 2 and simply give atlas access to all ?

Are any of these concerns going to be addressed in the collect wide initiative?


You mentioned Dungeons, but have forgotten Assault, which requires usage of the old dragons even more :slight_smile: I leveled and geared said dragons for that event actually :3

Quests are good, but not convincing enough to make me expert some other dragons they are asking for :sweat_smile: I’m just killing those usually. Some are not even hatched yet, several eggs in each tier, yet they will never be hatched since that requires too many timers to be burned.


Assault did get an update last time, they added abyssal

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I am really happy about the xp change, and the mission improvement have been makes it significantly better. Like others I would like to see it to be applied to some other rss…
Assaults and dungeons are events I always enjoy.
I am waiting to see what pg plans to do to show some balance in the leagues with a mix of atlas and non atlas teams.
And if there is a plan to show more diversity in the pvp events…
also still on the fence about the changes that were implemented in last kw guess we will know really soon now…
All in all I have seen improvements but hey I want more :grin:


“While we definitely have goals to keep improving on this point, we are also trying to balance game breaking bugs (which we try very hard to catch so that they don’t make it into the game) and reacting quickly to very real things interfering with your game experience.”


Any update on sorting out LJs glitches. More and more reports coming through from players and yet no update. This is currently the biggest thing that needs fixing as its a mythic season dragon, meant to be the crem de la crem of the past 3 month, that isnt working properly. 3 weeks ago you said it would be looked at with an update that will probably be out “next week”. And then thats it, heard nothing since. Seems like any request for an update is being ignored.