Collect Wide Initiative - Official Discussion Thread

So, generally, I need more specific information here.

As for the rest of your post, we have to wax philosophic to approach the answers. The Community is not a single brain that shares the same opinion about anything nor is it fully represented on the forums. We all have different ideas on how things should work – based on our personal motivations.

Even in the GPF, a group of 14 very experienced WD community members, there are disagreements about how the game should work.

Think about Pocket Gems as an organization, where you have people that have worked on some of the most famous and successful video and mobile games in history… there are myriad opinions about how our games should work.

So yes, it’s understandable that you’d like to greenlight everything before it goes live. I’d love to do that for my favorite games, but I also know that’s not a feasible or reasonable expectation.


This is so true.


Yes we all play for our individual reasons which varies from play style to play style and from person to person but each play style represents a group of players and their approach to the game amongst the various play styles there is common ground.
We all seek a smooth running game thats balanced and offers competitive play for as many play styles as possible .
And from spender to free to play activity plays its role but currently it does not support competitive play and grinders have little chance of offering competitive play at or even near end game!
So let me more accurately address the problem and narrow my question from what are you doing to support all play styles to what are your plans to address the falling value of activity in this game? …as that is common to every single play style!

What’s reasonable well I think activity should allow players to catch up reasonably quick without massive spending across play styles and remain relevant near end game.
But currently activity is so undervalued that we are measuring this in years :flushed: Thats not reasonable to me and only a few play styles are even viable and that’s impacting player retention at all levels of play across all play styles regardless of the individuals personal goals or motivations to play! :+1:
Case in point!
Pgs latest improvement to the player referral program.
Note the number one comment that players won’t refer friends to this game because it would take years for them to actually play together I’d say that’s unreasonable!

Yes we have a very detailed understanding of our economy and we can plainly point out the imbalances and have done so for years and we have given numerous viable suggestions to as how to approach balancing it and there are quite a few spreadsheet gurus here and players focused on our economy and how it operates that it could be balanced with player feedback In short order! Lol
As for what we think needs balancing see below! :point_down:

Specific I can do !!! Lmao

Drop %
This is the frequency at which a chest will drop from any one monument and has remained relatively untouched for years as the cost of play has increased this metric is the core of drop and even a tiny adjustment here has massive impact and needs to be the last thing to be tuned in this equation!
“Fine tuned after other adjustments are made like density and cooperative flying”

Drop density
This is the number of chests that drop when a monument is destroyed it’s always been one and only ever increased temporarily!
We have suggested bracketing drop using density for players over 300 and 400 and again at 500 these players should have a higher density of drop! We think this will improve balance while not impacting drop directly it improves the value of activity and can be adjusted more easily than base drop % per monument.

Cooperative attacking
This is the bonus you receive from players backing your runs pg could improve the lead attackers drop for each backer and defender present.
Yep further encouraging and supporting activity and cooperative play and I for one would love to see more players backing and using teamwork!

Drop composition
This is what drops from a individual chest and is determined by a pattern it will need to be adjusted If drop is adjusted.
It can’t be expanded because players fear dilution of drop composition because drop % and density have never improved and asking to have consumables removed to improve dilution creates shortages later on!
This is because activity is so undervalued that drop dilution has a massive impact when it shouldn’t .
Add all consumables to drop and rework all chest drop tables!
Yes this will dilute drop but that’s ok if you bracket drop using density and monitor drop % for smaller players who need more variety in prizing at lower levels anyway it should not be that impactful on levels below 200.
The fact that dilution is a issue makes it pretty clear drop needs balancing.

Prize claiming flexibility
There are so many currencies in this game and when we go to claim a prize in say a seasonal branch we are offered 3 choices at most here is where flexibility needs
To be improved! Try offering many choices here so we have flexible access to all these currencies!

Currently the trading post is only offering Xp potions that along with recent changes to how experience is given has dramatically improved the gap between having map access and access to invaders and not having access.
And so will pg be adding more atlas based consumables like shards that would help address the imbalance in gear between those who have map access and those who don’t ?
I believe this will make the trading post a viable solution to shard shortages for those without access!

Please inquire and get back to us on this because if it’s simply because they fear further lag and supporting map play they need to really look closer because i and everyone I’ve spoken to has agreed ghosts proposal is a well thought out solution and merits an attempt and we believe it will offer atlas access for all.

Please find your internal reason and post it here because not having universal access to the map is bad for player morale and retention and this isn’t even something we need to debate it’s been debated to death and we all agree it’s unfair and is causing a problem!

What I want and what I’d like to green light have no bearing on this convo !
These are not solely my opinions these are the collected opinions of the player base put forth over the years!
So it’s not about what “I” would like green lighted it’s about what is best for our community and the growth and health and long term survival of our game!

Thx for reading
sorry for the length of this post I apologize to the community in advance! Lol

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There are a couple of things I wanted to note about this “collect wide” instate that kinda throughs me off based on how the game is already set up.

  • Lineage Dragons
    Most of these are just breeders. Unless you’re endgame, most of them are not flown against pvp bases. For example Mordred is an amazing mythic hunter and did well vs 105 towers. When I get him there will prob be at least lvl 109/110 towers where he won’t be viable as he already kinda struggles on 107s.
    Same with Abyssal mythics and down. Yes I get that dragons like Oni were beast at their time, but when you get them unlocked when they are 2+ tiers away from endgame, the dragons don’t stand up against bases anymore.

  • Season Structure
    With increased prices and all the extra lines (exotic runes/ mystery branch ect.) Most seasons i only get 2 dragons out of it. For example most of my seasons consist of the discount legendary dragon, base boost, then howz/Drac pylon to unlock the mythic of choice. Most of the time that half price dragon is “meh” at best so that is only giving most players like me 1 viable dragon every few months, which maybe be obsolete soon anyway because of how fast new tiers come out.

I think tiers need to be rolled out slower for sure to have more people at endgame (or at least endgame tier of dragons). And also maybe give season dragons more future stones in there lines. How cool would it be to have past mythics like Narl, Nocturn etc still in your roster for more then a few months. Its the fast moving pace of added new tiers that results in so many dragons being benched, leaving only the newest dragons in current rosters. I do get that some spell kits are outdated, but dragons like Narlyth who ended in Abyssal, would still be viable against bases today if it had more stones.


Were you spying on our latest meetings? This is something we are discussing as a means of helping people catch up/have relevant content for longer. Good idea :wink: