Collecting Event Prizes And Gems

Is anyone having any problems with geting their event prizes?

No (10 char)

Yea the game isn’t giving me gold chests or gems and somehow i have Negative gems!

Not really? Try submitting a ticket or reloading the game, maybe?

This is my fourth time on and haven’t gotten my stuff.

I’m confused. What’s this have to do with event prizes?

Did you request a refund on anything from the App Store? Submit a ticket, if there is no reason for this to be happening to you.

I don’t spend or anything but this event it started messing up with not giving me my prizes and after spending gems it said i had and reloading my page it said i had negative gems

Submit a ticket, escalate

What did you do? You must’ve been really bad! Yikes!

That sounds super frustrating. I’m sorry that’s happening to you.

Unfortunately the forums can only empathize. To get an investigation you need to submit a ticket. Although, some employees may be peeping around and could offer condolences.
Still, ticket (don’t reply to it cause it’ll put you at the end of the line), you can also submit a ticket through the website, or you can PM an employee.

Try to claim the prizes again, but slower. Like claim one wait 10 seconds then claim another. Maybe your issue is like when people claim the season prizes to fast

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