Collecting from Bounty Harbor

There is one part of the game that is laughable, and that is the bounty harbor. Here, I wait six hours for a surprise, and find out it’s one spell.
Now this is just a suggestion, but you can always improve the amount of items. The first check of the day Is when I will get two items, and on rarer occasions I will get three items.
Why can’t this happen throughout the day?


You will become far too over powered if they did that. Pace yourself grasshopper.

lol :slight_smile:


I’m kinda surprised that we’re not able to upgrade the bounty harbor to acquire better rewards like we can do with the forge to acquire better crafted stuff. Would make sense that a bigger/better harbor could send out bigger/better ships to collect bigger/better random loot.


Good suggestion. Right now it’s barley worth a tap.

yup we could all spend 4 years worth of timers in order to be given 50 egg tokens or maybe even a 1 hr timer… exciting.



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Guys, I cried my mascara off from laughter. :smiley: Thanks!


It actually does. So others can correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to reward you based on how you collect it. But even so the reward should be scaled better

So I seem to get more rewards and of higher quantities when I collect them quicker. I’m not sure if it’s based on number of them collected per day, or time between collecting, but if I show up just in time and collect it as it become available and do this 3 times a day, it seems like the rewards are both more and better.

But even the most I’ve gotten (which is likely scaled up for my level which probably also capped when you hit 185) isn’t really substantial enough to make me care. I mostly got in the habit of collecting them as it used to also impact the activity rating (or seemed to)

Probably confirmation bias, but I get better stuff when I ignore it :rofl:


it takes time to ripen, you know :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know on my alt accounts that if I don’t sign in for a few days or a week because the alt isn’t being used, the prize is pretty darned good. Like 500 breeding tokens (awesome for a level 27 account).


Hmm. It might throw incentives out both ways.

I’m Pretty sure if you are collecting it regularly you almost always get 2 items on the second collection of the day and sometimes 3 on the third

I haven’t paid attention to alts. But I bet you they do add incentive in that direction.

But the best thing I ever got was never good enough to get excited about it


Mostly I don’t even have a pale purple clue what I got:

  • lumber pack
  • food pack
  • XP potion

The rubies, egg tokens are so insignificant, and the spells are low levels, too.

But it reminds me of Tesco’s motto: “Every little helps!”

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Prizes should be altered

  • x25 sigils

  • Spell Boosts that are actually used (Invincibility, Freeze, Havoc, Cloak, etc)

  • 1 Energy Pack and Inner Fire (during pvp)

  • 100 Rubies I know you will be like…this person just wants more prizes. However, 100 rubies isn’t much anyways. Let’s be real honest, 15-30 rubies isn’t nothing

  • Egg Tokens (SCALED based on LEVEL)

  • Speedups (SCALED based on LEVEL)

  • Healing Potions & Boosts & Xp boosts (This can be disabled by the player)
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I think the thing that annoys me most is that I get notifications for this thing. With sound. Like it’s something I would log in specifically to collect :thinking:

I did get 200 tokens today though and that’s probably the best thing I’ve ever gotten

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??? The most I’ve gotten from a bounty harbor is 60 breeding tokens

I have gotten 1 wood. Maybe I was bad the 6 hours prior. :thinking:

Naughty war dragons players get a belated lumber gift instead of coal in their stockings?

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If I asked my Mum to comment on this “lame free stuff” topic, she would say:

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!”

And I must admit, I agree with her. As long as it’s free, it could be a pinch of sand in the desert, it would still be free.


I had to work for the free stuff … the tap on the check mark was a second of my life I could never get back. :scream: