Collecting the Lore bits

Wanted to see if anyone else had saved any of the lore bits. Here were a few pieces that I managed to save. Sadly, I didn’t get the artwork that went with each page.

The King of the Demon Dragons has awoken. The forests are darkened with ash as Abraxxas destroys everything in his path. The dragons of the forest valiantly fought to defend their homes, but who could compare to the power of Abraxxas? In the Age of Order, it took the combined might of every elder, every hero, and every legend to fell this dreadful king. Those times have long passed. What heroes do are left to stop such a force of destruction?

Abraxxas has brought annihilation. Without guidance, the other dragons will surely be destroyed. If we are to stop this chaos, we must band together. We must unite the dragons and powers. It is desperate. It is a faint hope. But banding together may be the only chance we have to stop this armageddon.

Empowered (1/3)
While the King of Demon Dragons rains fire on our world, we have gone into hiding. The dragons are facing an ancient power unlike anything they have ever faced before. The dragon mystics claim there is only one hope left to defeating Abraxxas. The dragon mystics have united to empower a select few of dragons with all of their combined magics. Which dragons will wield this power? And who amongst our Dragon Lords would be strong enough to control these empowered beings?

These humble dragons dismissed by foolish warlords have been reborn. Our most powerful dragon mystics banded together to imbue our dragons with new powers and abilities. These dragons have had their greatest qualities enhanced. Their abilities pushed to levels we have never seen before. These dragons have been reforged into deadly creatures that could make any deity tremble.

Abraxxas has finally confronted power rivaling its own. These empowered dragons have tapped into a potential within themselves never before seen. The King of the Demon Dragons may have finally met its match, but our dragons are inexperienced in their newfound powers. These empowered dragons will need skilled Dragon Lords to help channel their abilities. Without their guidance, the battle against Abraxxas will be lost.


I’d like PG to go more into lore, as I know fully well they have the budget to afford a lore/worldbuilding team. Hell they could hire professionals to write this stuff with their revenue stream lmao…

Thanks for taking the time to compile this though


Wow nice! Now that you brought it up I vaguely remember some lore from when I started…but it soon disappeared. I wish PG would bring back the story aspect.

I love this, thank you so much :heart:

Were you a skilled enough Dragon Lord to channel the abilities of your Empowered Dragon to win the battle against the King of Demon Dragons? The world may never know.

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I screenshot most of them, but digging through my thousands of screenshots would take much more time than I can afford right now (I’m a screenshot freak :sweat_smile:). I’ll see what I can do tho.

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I swear on my life that I screenshotted something of Chimerak back in fall. “Beware the Wrath of Chimerak” or something like that. It’s not in my WD folder so I have no idea where it could be :sob:
On another note… what happened to the lore tab in the event screen? I think the last time we saw it was in the fall. Are we not telling stories anymore? :slightly_frowning_face: :t_rex:

Strangely, Enpowered went from 1/3, 2/3 to 3/4, probably a typo but leading us to think that Enpowered lore of last Summer was unfinished.

Checking my screenshots for the other lore now.


I only found the first and second lore, I was on vacation around the time last Spring season finished so I probably forgot to check it.

As a bonus tho, here’s a pic (not mine) for the 3D print Kinnara statue offered if you unlocked all nodes for the season :

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I completely for got about this, thanks for reminding me. It was hidden in my unsorted photos.


My favorite part of that one: “Spinerak”. :joy:


That’s the one I was thinkin of! :grin: :t_rex:

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