Color blind help

When will PG recognize those of us that are colorblind?


What is it specifically that you are looking for help on? And how do you think PG can improve?

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I only see black and white and it’s a struggle attacking bases without having to take the time to identify each mage tower before I attack to ascertain which dragon to use. Really frustrating when time is a luxury I don’t have in atlas.

Hope that makes sense.


:thinking:few simple identifying graphic marks would prob be all it takes to make identifying stuff color free friendly at a glance!
You would need to give detailed example of when lack of color was hindering quick reference! :+1:

idk if this will help at all, but the red mage tower is the only one that has a visible ‘shield’ when you’re attacking a base. Blue mages just prevent you from using spells.


Is it easier if they change the shape of blue or red mage?
I know your frustation, miss identify the mage is critical


Well this is definitely something I would like to have it addressed . I believe the red mage is the only one with the aura if that helps

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As long as the dimension isn’t changed, I’m okay with it.

If the mages are the only place in the game where color is making it difficult seems like making the mage graphics different just change the tower so it looks obviously different somehow!
I think this should definitely be addressed by pg what would really help is a list of all the issues surrounding color as a determining factor and submit it to pg to have them addressed if there are any other areas where color blindness is effecting play they could be tackled at one time :sunglasses::facepunch:

@PGGalileo can we see if we can change the the blue and red mage to look differently or put a letter on the tower of what it is?

kinda like the bottom or the dark flak and the bottom of the earth flak are different :stuck_out_tongue: do something with the red and blue mages for folks that have a hard time telling what it is! speed is a must

I personally have a hard time identifying electro and ice flak and I hardly notice earth flak while having normal color vision so I can understand that something should be done for visually impaired players too.


Right i think they need to make them all more identifiable eart is what screws me up most if i just go blindly @PGLawson can we make some adjustments on towers

I wonder how difficult it would be for us to implement a colorblind mode… I can start asking around.

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Personally I think this should rise to the top of the important things. Also I, like other players, despite having a very clear view, we have noticed that there are problems in identifying towers when a base is defended (therefore sword (this gives serious problems to the color of the towers), shield and hammer).


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