Combat level calculations

This is just to satisfy my curiousity… it doesnt bug me :wink:

My rider Crom have a higer combat level than my rider Reginald. Although they are both level 50, and Reginald is the one with the superior gear out of the two. What am i missing?

Atlas riders start out with a higher combat level, check the levels-tab here:

Basically all glory-leveled riders have a 5k base value, while season riders have 2.5k, both at max level.

edit: “Mythic riders” Adriak and Adriel are an exception in having 5 more levels, and a 5500 base combat value.


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OK, I’m going to hijack this thread as I have a very similar question. It doesn’t bother me, I’m just curious. I have Crom and Anja, both atlas riders, both expert with maxed elite gear. Crom has combat level 31270 and Anja 29030. According to neon they both have a no-gear expert combat level of 5000.

Why are they different?

No idea there, maybe a difference between crafted and line gear pieces? I’d go and write down the combat level of each gear piece for both of them next to each other and see where the differences are.

Good idea. All of the gear is crafted. The pants on Anja have combat level 2320, as predicted by . But the defensive pants on Crom have combat level 4560 (@Zamirathe ). Doesn’t matter, since 29k combat level is plenty anyway.

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