Combinative Crystal Cave Multipliers

I think it’s safe to posit that the absolute most-despised quality surrounding the Crystal Caves event is the grind. This has already been borne out by the countless objections channeled throughout a nexus of forum posts that have been raised since it was freshly introduced. In consequence, I have what I hope is something of a solution!

When grinding is in question, the primary solution seems to always be to incorporate the raid button into the event structure. What better way to bandage the wounds inflicted by a tiresomely demanding event than to slap in a big, yellow button to sit alongside the player info that gives you license to advance further with little momentary effort? That seems optimal in other events, but if I had to say anything about it, I would say that the structure of the Crystal Caves event doesn’t strike me as something that would seem like it’d serve as the right place for the button, so I have a worthy alternative: the ability to conjoin several multipliers at once.

Ideally, with this feature at hand, a player will have the ability to merge any of their incomplete multipliers that they wish to merge. One x10 multiplier and another of its counterparts would come together to beget a single x20 multiplier, and any others may join the bunch until an extremum of x100 has been reached (a product of ten singular boosts united as one, scaled down of course depending on the amount of dragons in the roster). Once merged, all other x10 multipliers will disappear, and the player will be left with only the merged product; however, in the event that the bonding of the multipliers was a user error, this action can be reverted. In reversion, the combined multiplier will decrease and the x10 multipliers will return to their respective dragons.

Upon completion of the boosted attack, the total appropriate amount of points will be granted, just as if they’d been done manually. Not only will this burn through all of the multipliers in one fell swoop; it will also allow for regular attacks to be made following the application of every multiplier before a player has been burned out. In other words, more points will be reaped on top of the points from the boosts before said player can grow tired of the round and back out of the event altogether.

I am confident that this feature will serve well in alleviating the grind that causes most players to dislike the event. Much like Temple Raid before it was adorned by the raid button, the event has lots of potential that is held down by the amount of grind it requires to land a decent score. Hopefully something can be done in the way of remedying it so that it becomes more pleasant to go up against.

:roll_eyes: stacking multiplier, using it for one time race.

I believe the point of CC’s multi is rewarding activities, hence allowing one to merge their multi will encourage one shot, rather than several times attacking, especially when merged multi gives more point than even mega



I actually like that this event rewards activity, though I think it was better back when mega coin use was restricted.

However this event is a bit too grindy to the point that it we get burnt out early. Personally I think 25 rounds is too many, it was better when we had 17 6hr rounds (we should just have 26 league teams so there is no PvE team). As it is it feels like as soon as you finish your runs in 1 around the next is about to start. 10 dragons is also a lot to have to use for multis, especially in the higher leagues where basically everyone has to hit the weakest base on a team to get close to half of them done. This issue is further deepened since they are now taking away our discount dragons and the lineage dragons are so bad.
I’d rather see us get 5 x20 multis instead and then higher leagues either get an additional one (Gold and plat 5 of them, Sapphire 6 of them and Diamond 7 of them) or have multies increase with league. CC GREATLY promotes and rewards sandbagging in lower leagues. Teams are dropping all the time because it is much easier to get those multis done in Plat or Sapphire. Just like it was done for Gauntlet and Temple Raid there should be a event point advantage for staying in higher leagues.
Like Gold and plat has the normal 10 x10 multis, Sapphire has 5 x20 or 22 multis and Diamond has 5 x25 multies

That or I guess they could leave the 10 x10s and then let each dragon be able to use multis twice. That would also help on bombs when you only have one or a couple of a given dragon element or class.


How do you propose fixing the situation where 1 team gets the 5 weakest teams in the league to compete against and another gets the 5 strongest?

It’s a little luck of the draw, but in a game of skill (and time investment) nothing should be put to luck.

I do 100% agree though that PvE is an abomination and we should have even numbered leagues to remove it from both Crystal Caves and Gauntlet.

Why would this matter if they’re in the same league? It doesnt seem to be an issue in any of the other pvps.

But if so, do it like Gauntlet. Have event rank determine who gets matched up so ideally you have teams of relatively equal strength/ event activity duking it out


maybe have 20 teams to a league an 5 hours a round or less teams an longer rounds.

as you’ve changed teams in leagues why not make some events atlas based.

Cause sandbagging still exists. other events do what you say in the second portion… as you do better so you move up and come up against stronger teams.

crystal caves is a bit flawed doing that cause not only will you be matched against bigger teams as you move up, your bonuses are probably going to be lower losing to the bigger teams making it a harder event for your team.

Here is the whole problem though.

you need to address why sandbagging exists. tweaking events is a Band-Aid while the game needs surgery.

what reason do players have to move up? so i can spend more to be relevant…as no other means can get me there…best will in the world but a 15 tower base will be useless in diamond…there needs to be another play style on offer to get there as not many an afford the money required

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I suggested a few months back that instead of 10 lots of 10x multis that it is simplified down to 4x 25 multis.

This would reduce the grind by 60%.

But honestly any change to make this event less time consuming gets my support.


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