Combined feeding and breeding event

I’m just wondering why are feeding and breeding seperate events. I get that if you combined them the scoring system would have to change to prevent everyone doubling their score and PG having to give away more rewards.

But logically the chest drops contain most of the same things. Feeding always seems to be right before or right after breeding. Also breeding can be a very dull event for you if you only have 1 dragon you can breed per event as many people only can. If you also got points for feeding you’d stop people getting frustrated that their event is over after minutes of watching egg frags generate.

It would also break up the constant cycle we end up with of three non-pvp events in a row we seem to get whenever feeding drops back in.

Sorry if I’m recreating a thread from before but this seems quite an obvious thing to do no? I’m probably missing something I await being enlightened.

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Why don’t you try the little search button in the corner…


@TheRedDelilah @ModMat @Psarus Please do your magic :sparkles:

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The search function is your friend, please visit it before posting

Thanks. If the posts don’t answer your questions please feel free to raise another post however these should answer your post.