Combining timers



What if you could combine timers to create bigger timers?

e.g. Two 30 minute timers into an hour, four 3 hours into a 12, two 12s into a day, etc.


Although my OCD would like this, I’d rather not have the developers spend the time developing this feature when there are so many other things that need fixing.


May I kindly ask you to enlighten me what exactly do you think this feature would improve?

When I expedite something it’s a few taps only, and the system will use whatever I have on stock, let it be a mixture of large and small, or a truck load of small ones.


It’s the same amount of time either way. And PG would probably make you spend rubies just to clean up your timer hoard but gain nothing :unamused:.

Would be lovely when I’m tapping my fingerprints off using one minute timers though.


Because the game spends 1 minute too much each time you tap “apply multi”… That minute is free if you use your timers manually and wisely. It certainly adds up!

I’d love to be able to add or take away a few speedups after we tap “apply multi” just because sometimes I want to leave half an hour to grind rss or save timers…

@mechengg There is no such thing like negligible savings :joy: My 1h egg missions decreases by 1 ruby after 20s! One ruby! :grin:


Not really.
I do 20 crafts per fort event, this leads to 20 minutes worth of timers.

Negligible at best, and not even worth mentioning in the grand scheme of things.


Except forge (sometimes used 6h instead of 5h for heal potions :sob:)


Slider in the expedite_consumable inventory would work best. :tipping_hand_woman:

But we won’t get it because it’s on QOL list


I love smaller timers… they are more flexible

If you have a building under 12hrs and only have 12hr and higher you waste time


This would almost never be good. There are tools to auto select the number of timers. It costs you nothing to use 1 hour or 60 1 min timers, but if you convert all of your 1 minute timers to 48 hour timers for example, there likely will be conversion loss in addition to the fact that if you needed 24 hours of an upgrade but only had 48 hour timers you still gotta burn a whole 48 hour.

I’m not really sure what the goal would be. Maybe they could simply improve the display to show total time available to speed.


Not actually. This change would likely waste far more than a minute.

The 1 minute lost is just a few seconds past the last minute. When opening manually you may choose to wait a few seconds.

But if you converted them all to larger timers then you would far more often run into situations where the smallest unit abailable is an hour, 24 hours or even 48 hours and would be required to either burn a whole timer or wait close to the duration of 1 timer.

Maybe a setting that refused to spend timers which waste any time when there isn’t a smaller timer available.


Not to mention one time tapping the wrong thing can negate hundreds of carefully manually tapped towers, and human error rate for these kind of mindnumbing tasks is quite a big higher. I never ever use anything other than autocomplete.

I suspect the actual issue the OP has (counting is hard) could be solved by showing the total number of timers owned on the timer screen. Something like “864d 12h 26m” would be nice, or even just rounded to days.


Well, anything that prevents you from wasting timers is good to me.

@Morreion I know what you mean… I wasted a lot of hours on wrong taps…

For anyone wondering I was just being facetious with 1 min timers :grin:


Ok, thanks for the feedback yall!


I think perhaps a total of all timers might be useful… I’m happy adding it up, but at a glance it would be nice to see. Not something I’d want a ton of time (no pun intended) spend on creating however.


@mechengg 's fortification planner does all the adding for you. Just plug in the number you own.

I do it after every event just to depress myself.


Yep absolutely do that too… however the majority of players aren’t on the forums and it would be a nice addition for them.


well they should be…



I remember one time in my young dragoning days I decided to use up ALL my timers during fort. I was kicking myself after I did so and then opened some gold chests. Had no timers below about 30 minutes. Could not finish an upgrade without waiting until I flew for a while and got a stockpile of the 1, 3 and 15 minute timers.

I say leave it be.


I’ve already suggested this a few times :slight_smile: