Combining timers


I’ve suggested it (again) about four posts earlier too :grin:


What about auto-combine all speedups and only use one button?
One button to “use all”


It’s not April 1st yet.


This is an awesome idea. Please PG!


One button to grind them
One button to wring them all
From the monuments that hide them
In the Blackblood islands where sigils lies.

I don’t have anything to add to the topic unfortunately (except that we already have a button to “use all” lol) but I couldn’t resist… Sorry! :sweat_smile:

Extra bit of off-topic 😅

(I actually own a stainless steel replica of the One Ring, it didn’t tarnish even after 7 years of wearing it almost daily. The soft leathery necklaces didn’t last so well lol)

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Not in forge, no no no no no no.


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