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Time Zone:any
Played time:
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:

About:Are you looking for a new home, a family. Are you tired of the constant grind of the higher leagues, or maybe just the opposite, and are ready to step up to a higher league. We may have a spot for you with us.

We are a Platinum 2 team… We are an Atlas team as well, with 6 Castles - one for each different element of crafting shards, and 2 for Ice. We are a family, and treat each other with respect and consideration. We’re very active, helpful, and friendly - and place well in events! We try and declare War every week - but between PG disabling at times, and RL - we sometimes are only able to declare twice a month.

Here at I776 we will offer you a warm, helpful, supportive team environment that will encourage you, and help you to grow and improve your game. You must be active in events and wars. If you think you would be a good fit with us, please contact me in game.


Might wanna close this

edit: i meant to close the older one, but owell.

It is too old to open that recruitment page above as Jonesy is no longer Leader for a very long time.

Ask jxJALENxn if he is still around and help with recruitment, he is quite popular here even for all the wrong reason :rofl:


FYI we have BACON!

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Who doesn’t love bacon

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:thinking: certain religion doesn’t eat bacon :bacon:

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Time Zone:(UTC+1)
Played time:3 years
Age Range:25++
Elite Account:Yes but not atlas
Dragon Roster Includes:Namaka,Kullecid,Prospero,Tez…
Highest Lineage Dragon:Lumina

We have cake too

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Great group of people on I776!

Laid back atmosphere with reasonable minimums and expectations. Three strike rule for failure to meet mins before being let go, unless sufficient advance notice given. Doing war runs with backup, event quests, and a very reasonable minimum points to be obtained in each event are examples. Help is aways available to assist players in their efforts to meet the mins. If you are looking for a team that treats its players very fairly and recognize RL is very important, this may be the team for you.

Hi hun
How are you - we miss you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh poor Jalen his reputation precedes him :rofl:


I’m good thanks! Still crazy busy. Still relying on team minimums to keep me engaged in the game.

Hope you all are doing great! :smile:

We are doing well. Thanks hun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Come back to us anytime you want - you are definitely missed.
How is your wife and the little one doing?


They’re great thanks! He’s 10 months old now!!! Waving at the animals, saying ‘Mama’, and getting into EVERYTHING. Time flies :smile:

So happy to hear that hun. They grow fast - enjoy every second :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

Still looking for a few

A roll of TP for all new members!

Here !!


Still have an opening or 2