Come on PG...really?

This seems reasonable…


I see nothing wrong with this. :joy:

I’m clueless. Why did Panda post this? :thinking:

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Is this common? Seems something easy to detect and unless I’m missing something not possible.

163k points means 3.26 M tokens spent . He has 186 M attack power which means he is on his first or second emerald . 3.26 M cost a whole breeding path from blue eggs to obsidian . So sth is wrong . Am I right @Panda


Or he took out a mortgage on the house :joy::joy:

I guess I was looking at the medal count. 400k in a week but 1.4m total seems off to me. I guess with lots of $$$ you can build the base but can you have those high level dragons (xp potions?).

Its an obvious cheater…

They will scrub him soon enough


A cheater still standing?! Say it isn’t so?!


Well his profile shows 3 obsidian dragons…so I think your estimate of 1st or 2nd emerald is off lol

Multiple breeding events but not multiple runs a day?

The weekly medal count for triple levels doesn’t reset to zero. The developer is aware of the glitch.

But will they make sure that the person who SHOULD have won first place, if not for the cheater, gets that prize? I think not. This was brought up in the ban thread as well. The cheaters displace the rest of us and nothing is done to make that right.

In this case its particularly obvious and egregious since the guy made off with the top global prize.

they almost always scrub the leaderboard before prized go out

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well, he might have spent 10k ~ 40k USD for all we know.

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Ah I wasn’t aware of that. So the low medal all time count could be an indicator of high spending . Thanks

Shouldn‘t the defence power be much higher with 5 lvl 56 towers?

Ok, this player made it from lvl 234 to 301 (+68 levels) within the three days since this thread was opened, increased his total ap from 186M to 438M (+252M) and his dp from 79M to 164M (+85M) plus won global rank no. 1 in this breeding event.
Wow, I want that progress, too…

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Generally when we sweep the leaderboards at the end of the event we remove obvious cheaters and everyone else rises up in ranks.

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Malaysia Boleh!