Come to 2plunder Gold 3 ( former gold 2) Merger Request (18 spaces) 3 officer slots avalible

LFM or Merger Gold Level 3 -level requirement 20 ( 18 spaces available) 3 officers Spaces Avalible

Team 2pluder
Current rating: 1301
Language: English
Time zone mostly est to pst USA
Min level 20
Elite account not required
age range any
dragon range-- if it can attack in any way shape or form then we don’t care

Looking for a merger than it’s your lucky day to start the new year right and we would be honored to have you

Team rebuilding after saying goodbye to inactives. Prior a gold 2 team and will be that and better than again. Team of friendly and helpful individuals willing you to the next level.
We have few rules which are participating in every war and event as well as chat with us occasionally. Chat is half the fun and it helps us organize for wars and events.
We are a team with no drama

for further information just message Darkladyraven, Creekbound or Fxckoffsaysme (leader)

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