Come To Evil Conduct

Sapphire 3 Looking to Grow to S2 Next week.
Seeking Very Active Players 300+ Harb+ that are looking to grow with us (will Make consideration for those that are die hard War Dragoners and will be moving to 300/Harb soon)

Hi there. We are sapphire three team recently dropped from S2. This is what we are looking for and we hope you want to be a part of it. We have a very tight core and a great group of people that work really hard in the game throughout Atlas and in events. We However do have some weak links that we want to replace so that we can get back to getting the 1200 Sigils per week. Out of a potential recruit, we want someone that can commit to making the eighth achievement every time until we get back to making it as a team. We also want people that are addicted to atlas and all about getting that gear, while protecting castles and doing snipes. We are a fun group that work hard just looking for more people that work just as hard. Let me know if you want to talk about a possibility with Evil Conduct-- message in game at girlonfire.

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