Comments and suggestions on making better my base

Hey guys, im trying to get a good base layout so I can focus more on upgrading my towers, pls comment if i should swap some towers for better options

Pretty good for a 138. Only thing you seem to be missing is a shield tower though a howie’s damage might be more useful at your level. Over time you’ll want to shift to the middle long island so you have space for all important towers.

Also, I don’t think lightnings are too good unless they’re super high but idrk how they work for you.

Swap the howitzer and storm tower and it would help you


I’d agree with swapping storm to island 3 and also mention you probably only want to focus leveling those 5 towers (red and blue mage, shield, and the 2 flaks) and not spread out the levels at all yet. Having those 5 towers as high as possible will help stop more people rather than having 10 towers at lower level.


I would move your lightning towers to the back and place farms at the front.

Farms have high hp and lightning towers have long range so while the attacker is tied up destroying farms your bug zappers can get a few free hits in.

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