Community Breeding Project/Satire


No, this isn’t about an orgy. That’s a different topic (use the search function, you will find it).

So I’ve been thinking about a few things with breeding dragons. I have some theories I’d like to put to the test. The upside, is if successful, at least 10-15 of us here in the community could have harbinger dragons by end of event! Now that’s the ticket, right?

So what we need is a few CC#’s. That’s it. I’ll be able to test some theories and a few other people will and all will be well.

A couple requirements:

If contributing, you should be known as a “whale”.
I lied. Just one requirement.

Anyways, happy dragon bumping uglies day


P.S.- This is of course satire. If you don’t know what satire is, well, that’s not my problem.


Where do I submit my CC info? I will just put it here for you.

3287 4482 6334 3747

expires June 22 2020

Do you need the CVV code? It’s 277

Bonus points to first to get the message

Edit - Satire is the day after Friday and before Sunday, right?